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Our 10 most read articles of 2015

HerCanberra Team

Happy New Year, dear readers!

Thank you for reading HerCanberra this year – we’re so chuffed to be a part of the everyday routines of Canberrans and we hope that 2016 will be our biggest year yet! But before we move forward we want to look back at the best and brightest of the year gone by, the articles that gained the most traction, the most engagement, the most support. Here are our 10 most read articles of 2015.

#1 An Open Response from Nick Jensen’s brother,  58,500+ views


“I’m sad at how this debate can deteriorate, blame on both sides. Clearly each side is passionate and fervent in their reasoning. And each should appreciate there are good people on both sides who have very deep beliefs. But I’m disappointed by the belittling, name-calling and stunts from both sides. We can be better.” – Soren Jensen. 

In early June, City News published an editorial featuring a couple called Nick and Sarah Jensen who vowed to divorce if Marriage Equality was introduced. The backlash against the article went viral, quickly spreading nationally, dividing Canberrans and news organisations alike.

Nick’s brother, Soren Jensen, fellow Canberran and avid supporter of Marriage Equality, wrote an open letter for us to share, explaining why he did not support his brother’s view or statements.

Read the article in full here

#2-7 Food Glorious Food, 130,300+ combined views


Ink Bake Grill

“From the Breakfast Quesadilla (soft tortilla, coconut cheese, spicy chicken, lime leaf jam fried egg, guacamole and harissa) to the Pork Belly Burger (bacon, fermented vegetables, avocado lemon aioli, sweet potato galette), you don’t have to be a paleo devotee to enjoy the offerings.”

Places two to seven in our top 10 are all food and drink based, showing not only how keen Canberrans are on their brunch, lunch and coffee but also the sheer number of restaurants, cafes and bars that have opened in Canberra the past year.

The diverse range of food options (and especially the number of fine dining options) now available in Canberra (and being celebrated as they should be) is staggering. Canberra’s dining scene has truly blossomed over the last five years.

The Surf and Turf Bao Pack

The Surf and Turf Bao Pack from The Fish Can

From kid friendly cafes and restaurants to the best breakfasts where you live to new places to eat and more new places to eat, the list goes on.

Read them here, here, here, here, here and here

#8 Jacky Sutton: A Life, 13,200+ views


“I was head hunted by IREX to be the country director of their programme and spent two years outside the Green Zone in Iraq. Bombings were becoming more frequent and my staff had several lucky escapes – one was late because the cab driver had to clean the body parts of the windshield.”

This article held the truly remarkable, amazing story of Jacky Sutton, a tenacious woman whose seemingly mysterious suicide in a Turkish airport earlier this year made international headlines.

In 2013, HerCanberra’s founder Amanda Whitley met Jacky and became friends with her, prompting her to sit down with HerCanberra and tell her life’s story. Previously unpublished in 2013 due to security reasons, it remains the only autobiographical testament to Jacky’s amazing life.

We published this in October 2015 year as the world struggled to make sense of why such a formidable woman would take her own life.

Read Jacky’s story in full here

#9 Top 10 Coffee Spots to try in 2015, 13,200+ views


“It weren’t for a small chalkboard sign you’d walk right past it, so pay attention if you’re planning on hunting this place down—and I do suggest you do. Upon entering the café you’re greeted by a corrugated iron feature wall with small wooden shelves that house a collection of coffee memorabilia.”

Canberrans love to be caffeinated. Indeed, since the majority of Canberrans work for the government, private sector or are university students it’s no wonder that cafes of every size are popping up inside lobbies, shipping containers and caravans.

Among our very favourites were Tupelo Coffee Co, The Cupping Room and Coffee Lab.

We tried our hardest to tick all of these off the list this year, were you able to?

Read the list in full here.

#10 Here’s the Rub: 10 of the best massages in Canberra and further afield, 13,100+ views


“…The experience is equally traditional – these massages are expertly given, with real attention given to problem areas. From Traditional Thai to Swedish and Hot Stone massages, whatever your fancy you’ll find it here.”

Pampering oneself can sound like an amazing idea, until you’re not sure where to go. Massages are intensely personal experiences and can flip from fantastic to average or even uncomfortable with a simple slip like bad music, lack of hygiene or poor customer communication.

Never fear! Next time your back aches, feet are sore or your birthday rolls around, point yourself in the direction of one of these fine establishments.

Read the list in full here

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