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Pregnancy silly season survival guide

Javier Steel

Pregnancy, it’s a rollercoaster.

Frankly, the thought of drinking makes my stomach turn – mainly because for the past six months, I’ve felt permanently hungover. But don’t be deterred, it’s pretty damn exciting too.

There’s good and there’s bad, but that’s life and I wouldn’t turn back if I could (I would however strongly consider fast forwarding the labour part, I’m not going to lie). I may not be the most experienced pregnancy adviser, but I do know a lot of mammas and I’ve been talking pregnancy for the past six months straight. So here is some (completely non-expert) advice on how to get through the nine months – alcohol-free.

Treat yo self! 

Be unapologetically self-indulgent. For every two beers they drink, you can have one Maccas cheeseburger (not really… but calorie wise, wink wink!).

Here’s the thing, there are very few times in your life where you can get away with rocking up to an event sporting your own mango-froyo popsicles or a refreshing virgin mojito mix all for yourself and get away with it. Luckily when you’re pregnant, you become automatically adorable and can be selfish without the guilt – if anyone’s judgy, your gang will have your back.

And why should you feel bad? They can drink all the things and eat soft cheese, salami, smoked salmon and more. Make something special for yourself if that’s what helps you through.

Plan, like a boss 

Don’t set yourself up to fail. You know you have that thing coming up, so take time to prep for it. If you’re heading to a BBQ, don’t settle for tap water, make yourself a jug of killer mock sangria (with an accompaniment of hard cheese, if you please).

If you’ve got an office shin-dig on during the week, BYO soda, lime and passionfruit. Don’t even get me started on the festive season – you’re going to need to get super creative here. Think delicious fruity punch (I know you’re craving oranges) and chilled beet soup popsicles (better than they sound, I promise).

If you’re out with friends, remember that most venues will make you a mocktail. If you’re cutting down on sugar, soda, fresh lime and a dash of tonic water is delish and it’s the type if drink you can sip on all night. Most importantly, don’t just revert to the same ol’ thing every time – variety is the spice of life! Check out some non-alcoholic alternatives at the end of this article. 

To socialise, or not to socialise…

 Pregnancy has turned me into a day person when I was once a night owl. I don’t mean to make it sound lame (because it’s not, obviously), but I literally go to bed at 7pm, then get up three times per night to go to the bathroom.

Therefore, I now only do breakfast and lunch with friends (soon you’ll understand why). My social life has, let’s say, evolved. I actually tried to have a movie night with my friend once – he bussed it all the way from Tuggers to Belco just to hang with me and I repaid him by falling asleep, straight after pizza…and I’m a snorer so shout out to Coco (sorry mate!).

When I’ve gone to evening events, I’ve felt tired. While others sip away on their sparkling whites and buzz and laugh at the feeling that alcohol brings, I feel like the most boring person in the room. I push myself to be talkative and people-y, but deep down, I just want to go home, take my bra off, have a hot shower and eat cookies in bed.

The truth is, I’m not boring. I’m outspoken and I have things to say. I’m an open book, I’m silly, daring and fun, but I’m also a woman who is growing a life inside of her. And it can be tiring. And soon, I may never be able to sleep again, so I’m going to make the most of it while I can!

Beer and cigarettes with friends has turned into (decaf) coffee and cake. Movie nights have turned into actually going to the movies (as long as it’s before 4pm of course!) and dinner dates have turned into brunch or lunch. It’s not forever and it’s no big deal.

Do your thing

The most important point I want to make is that we’re all in this together. For the sake of sanity and humanity, don’t ever pressure a pregnant person into ‘staying out longer’ or beg them to ‘just have one’.

The fact that they made it to your event or that they’re there to see you should speak volumes. And don’t be that heroic know-it-all, perfect mum who gracefully gallivanted through her pregnancy without missing out on any events or who ‘rocked out all night’.

Every woman is unique, as are her experiences of pregnancy. It ain’t that easy for all of us, but we are trying.

So, pregnant ladies, if you want to go home early and whip that bra off, just do it. If you miss out on a gym session, give yourself a break – the world won’t stop turning. If you need chill time and a cookie, just say so, people are going to understand. Do whatever you’ve got to do.


These are a few tried and tested recipes to save your soul (and sanity) during the festive season and beyond.

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GINGER LIME FIZZenhanced-30140-1422040514-1

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Chilled Beet Soup Popsicles via The View from Great Island

beet soup icy pole

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Mock Sangria via Diabetic Living

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