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Our 10 most read articles of 2016

HerCanberra Team

Amongst the many articles we publish each year, there are always a few that engage the good people of Canberra a little more than others.

With a whopping combined readership of 233,474 views, these pieces inspired us, moved us and started important conversations.

Kid-friendly cafes in Canberra (31,995)

In first place, taking the fancy of nearly 32,000 Canberrans, is an article about the best eateries to take the whole family to. This one was an extensive list and one that certainly didn’t go underappreciated!

Missed it? Read it here.

10 New Places to Eat in Canberra (30,412) and 20 New Places to Eat and Drink (26,681)

We just love to eat and drink, don’t we? Perhaps, deep down, we’re just all looking for the one café, restaurant or bar where we can be a regular… Or maybe we just love to eat and drink.

These articles saw the introduction of some of our new favourites like Some Cafe in Collector, Buvette in Barton, Black Market in NewActon and Nookie Espresso in the city.

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13 Stunning Spring Walks (25,187)

One of Canberra’s greatest perks is its wandering walks through wilderness and city alike.

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16 Places to Swim in Canberra (22,403)

It is no secret that Canberra brings the heat in summer.

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A Guide to Kids Parties in Canberra (21,816)

An all-in guide to planning a party for your offspring (or, alternatively, a guide to pandering to your child-like nature…).

Missed it? Read it here.

The Suitcase: Domestic Violence (21,528)

A devastating look at one family’s experience of domestic violence. When we were approached by these three sisters to publish a heartfelt article about their mother’s death by her husband, we had no idea how far their message would travel and how many it would touch.

Missed it? Read it here.

20 Of Canberra’s Best Bars (19,846)

Very much a “does-what-it-says-on-the-box” number, this one tells the tale of the tastiest tipples in town. We surveyed our entire office and ended up including long-established classics like Hippo and Knightsbridge, as well as newer additions such as Molly and Parlour. Good one to show new Canberrans and out of towners.

Missed it? Read it here.

The Silence Could Kill You (18,663)

Cath Russell’s beautifully written piece provided insights into cultural silence and repression, and the importance of being forthcoming with your health professionals. One for every woman to read.

Missed it? Read it here.

15 New Places To Eat (14,943)

Finally, back to our love of food. This edition of ‘New Places’ saw newcomers such as Bar Rochford, Suke Suke and Vincent come to the fore and we’re happier for it.

Missed it? Read it here.


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