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Road test: Healthy Skin Solutions for acne

Kristen Henry

I’m pretty sure I’m the stuff nightmares are made of for Kingston skin specialist Healthy Skin Solutions.

I’ve always struggled with acne. My body clock is all over the shop. I’m addicted to spray tans and under the ‘how much water do you drink?’ question on the application at my road test, I changed ‘water’ to ‘champagne.’ Then answered; too much.

I’m surprised they didn’t politely ask me to leave.

Kristen Henry.

Kristen Henry.

Luckily they let me stay, and learnt more about me:

  • I’ve just come off the contraception Implanon and it screwed with my skin.
  • There’s no normal day for me – I’m up around 4am and go to bed with Prime Possum at 7:30pm. Sometimes I nap during the day.
  • Most days see me in front of a camera so I need my skin to perform and when it doesn’t, I mask on my make-up.
  • I love spray tans even though I know they clog my pores.
  • I try to exercise often and eat right, but sometimes I don’t. (Sometimes, like last night, I get a McFlurry with extra Oreo for dinner.)
  • I wish I wasn’t in the waiting room for my skin. I wish as a 33 year old woman I’d done my time with pimples.

Luke Clews, the practitioner, listened and pressed refresh on what I should be putting in my body. He has a “from the inside out” approach, which on a long term basis is a better solution than swapping cleansers or looking for the next quick fix.

Luke gave me specific dietary recommendations for a two week period: my green vegetable intake needs to make up 50 per cent of my total diet and adverse foods like tomatoes, chili and processed meats need to be avoided as they can be known to aggravate skin.

The usual suspects need to be avoided too, like chocolate and alcohol.

Luke also gave me three oral medications; one for skin nutrients, one for inflammation and one for stress (a known enemy to good skin.)


Kristen glowing after her skin plan (and holding her recent Australian Commercial Radio award.)

About two weeks in, I popped back in to see Luke for a progress update and he added a few more elements to my treatment for a bigger punch. A few more nutrients were introduced, to alleviate any breakouts.

I was also given a soap free exfoliant, which proved really handy for my shoulders and neck line.

I loved how attentive Luke was – he was really passionate about getting a good result for me.

Overall I feel better, and my skin is on the improve. (The handiest element was the exfoliant, it is amazing!)

My energy levels are at an all time high and it’s about maintaining a more stable lifestyle for me: more sleep, less wine and more consistency.

If any of the above problems persist, contact Healthy Skin Solutions for a consultation on 6295 6040 or visit their website at healthyskinsolutions.com.au

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Kristen Henry is one half of The Kristen and Wilko Show on MIX 106.3 in Canberra. Follow her adventures at kristenhenry.com.au. More about the Author

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