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Stay tuned for the retune: get ready to change frequency on 20 November

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It used to be the case that when bad weather struck or you bumped the ‘bunny ears’ (you swear you didn’t), all hell would break loose in the house as an unavoidable ‘snow storm’ erupted on your television screen. These days, if the signal drops out, most of us just see a black screen with the message ‘Weak Signal’ or ‘No Data Received’ displayed, a clear indication that digital TV is well and truly here to stay.

But if you think the days of retuning are over, you may just need to endure a few more patient moments come Thursday 20 November.


In a final move to free up broadcasting spectrum for new services such as mobile broadband, two of our free-to-air TV channels, ABC and SBS, are changing frequency in Canberra on Thursday 20 November. This means a retune is on the cards if you want to keep watching your favourite shows.

But the days of patiently sitting by the ‘box’, while the kids walk around holding the antenna in the air to catch the perfect picture, are long gone with the retune process easy to follow in three simple steps. For most systems press the ‘menu’ button on the remote. Look for settings such as ‘channels’ or ‘auto-tuning’ and follow the prompts to retune. A video and 3-step guide to retuning is available on the Retune website. Some equipment will automatically detect changes to the TV channels and retune itself or it may prompt you to retune.

Retuning isn’t optional, unless of course, missing the ABC News or Peppa Pig, or SBS’s Iron Chef or Borgen doesn’t faze you. Either way, you will need to retune your TV, set-top box or digital recorder when the changes happen in Canberra.

To find out more about why Australia is retuning watch the video below.

Additional info: The instructions on the website are for general retuning so it’s important to note that menu descriptions and labels may vary depending on your equipment. For detailed retuning instructions, see your manufacturer’s handbook or call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13, 8am to 10pm (AEDT), 7 days.



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