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Summer skin + beauty 101

Debby Harrington

Summer is coming and now is the time to put those finishing hydrating touches on your face to get your skin looking its best.

The warmer months are all about minimal makeup that won’t melt off your face and as you know, if your canvas isn’t at its best, you’re starting with a handicap.

Winter is the time our skin goes a little dull and dry with the wind lashing against it and cold temperatures doing nothing for hydration levels. Even if you don’t change your beauty routine, you’ll notice a difference in the appearance of your skin.

Now spring is here, the sun is out and moisture is back in the air – all good things for our skin.


To fully recover from winter, I recommend adding a weekly hydrating mask to your routine to improve the texture of your skin. A sheet mask is always a good option, but tissue masks do the job too and can be cheaper. Something with hyaluronic acid or collagen is great for plumping the skin and improving the appearance of fine lines.

Exfoliating twice a week is also a must and will help the products in the mask seep into the skin for maximum effect.

I also recommend an essence or hydrating spray in the morning and at night, which will give that extra hydration boost, before you apply your night cream or sunscreen and moisturiser.


Now that we’ve done our best to prep our skin, what makeup you apply is crucial and the look of the moment is the ‘no makeup look’.

Canberra makeup artist Tara Florence says its title is a little deceiving because it involves so many steps.

“With your foundation, you want to keep it light, you want your skin to look like skin,” she says.

“Applying an illuminating cream to the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, nose and above the brows will bring dewiness to the skin while creating more dimension.

“I absolutely love illuminators and they are the one thing you can’t do without in this look.”

Tara says you can skip the concealer if it’s not 100% necessary for your skin before moving on to blush, that should be close to your flushed tones, again so it looks natural.

“In terms of eyes all I do is apply a mascara to give you definition without overdoing it,” Tara says.

“A bit of brow gel to stick the hairs in place is all you really need, unless a full brow is your go to.

“Put on your favourite lip balm, spritz your favourite fixer and you’re ready to go.”

What I love about this look is there’s no time-consuming contouring or winged eyeliner and if you want to take it from the beach to the bar, all you need is an extra layer of lippie or something in a bolder colour.

How to achieve it


  • Foundation: Loreal True Match
  • Powder: Harlotte Translucent blot powder
  • Highlighter: Becca Champagne Pop
  • Lips: Maybelline Colour Sensational gloss
  • Mascara: Rimmel Wonderfull with argan oil


  • Foundation: MAC Face and Body
  • Illuminator: MAC Strobe Cream or Mecca Max Illuminating Primer
  • Blush: MAC Sunbasque
  • Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex
  • Brow Gel: PONi Cosmetics

Debby Harrington

Debby is a journalist by trade who grew up in Perth before making her way to Canberra. As long as she can remember, her mother has always followed a beauty routine methodically, morning and night, which is where Debby developed her taste for the world of beauty. Debby loves trying new products and can’t live without lip balm, sunscreen and concealer. She also has her own blog featuring all things fashionable and beautiful so check out More about the Author