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A renaissance for the real Christmas tree

Laura Peppas

When I was growing up, the first day of December was always reserved for one very important task: selecting the perfect Christmas tree.

I have vivid memories of my family squabbling over the height, thickness and shape of each pine tree, until my parents finally ended up lugging one home while my brother and I slept in the car.

The following night we would get together to decorate the tree, and on Christmas Eve I’d sneak out of my room to lean over the presents, inhaling the scent of pine; everything dark except for the soft Christmas lights glittering throughout the branches.

As I grew older and moved to an apartment in the city, the importance of having a real Christmas tree dropped off the radar and was placed in the “too hard” basket. I’d compensate with a small plastic tree with tinsel already installed, but without the familiar scent of pine or the joint effort in decorating, it didn’t quite feel like Christmas.

This year, however, is different. I was lucky enough to come across The Christmas Tree Truck, who specialise in delivering real Christmas trees to people around Canberra.

The company takes orders direct from their website, where customers can choose a tree, add a stand and Christmas lights, and select a date and time for delivery.

When John and Ben from The Christmas Tree Truck arrived at my door on the last weekend of November bearing a gorgeous, perfectly shaped five foot tall tree, nostalgia ensued; and the excitement of my childhood Christmases came rushing back.


The boys setting up the tree.

The process took all of about five minutes, and the boys even watered the tree before leaving. Before I knew it I had my very own Christmas tree, ready for decorating.

Co-owner of The Christmas Tree Truck Liam Zeller says he has noticed real Christmas trees steadily growing in popularity.

“Some of our customers haven’t had a real tree for 10, 15 or 20 years so bringing back that experience is nice because you can see the happiness they get from having a return to a real tree,” Liam says.

“For us it’s about bringing that culture back, the experience of a real tree instead of bringing out a plastic tree from the cupboard.”

Depending on the size of their home or apartment, customers can choose between 5, 6 and 8-foot trees, with lights optional.

Liam says the idea for the business was a typical “light bulb moment.”

“We always had real Christmas trees when I was young, but when my brother and I moved out Mum stopped getting them,” he says.

“One day we asked why and she said she wanted to but it was too hard to go out to the farm and carry one home. We started chatting away and we thought there could be an easier way for people to have real Christmas trees. We delivered our first tree in December 2013.”


Laura’s decorated tree. Now to wait for the presents…

As well as providing a special experience, Liam says real trees are better for the environment.

“It’s a really sustainable process, pine trees hold a certain amount of carbon in them, so they’ll grow for three to four years, they get cut down, then a season or two afterwards, they get re-planted,” he says.

“I think a lot of people really undervalue what having a really tree does not just for your enjoyment but for the environment.”

The company also donate about 14 trees each year to those in need through their Tree for a Tree campaign. Last year, five trees were also donated to Mr Fluffy homeowners.

“These people might have stored their trees under the house and ended up with no tree at all,” Liam says.

“That was a real eye opener, because we were basically delivering a Christmas tree to these people for their last Christmas in their own homes, before they were about to be bulldozed. It was an emotional moment.”

the essentials

What: The Christmas Tree Truck
When: Deliveries are available from now until Christmas Eve.
How much: Various
Web: www.christmastreetruck.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1800 636 612

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Laura Peppas

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