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Love, Canberra: Kink and camgirls in the capital

Sophia Bouzas

After failing to score a job at the podcast she applied for, Evana Ho was forced to get creative about how she could improve her chances for the next job she went for.

“It was a case of taking lemons and turning them into lemonade. Having done some research about the competitiveness of internships in the US, it seemed to me that the best way of showing a potential employer that I could do this was to actually do it. And so I started my own podcast,” explains Evana.

With that, Evana created ‘Love, Canberra – an intimate conversation about love, sex and relationships set here in the heart of the nation.

“That’s one of the great things about podcasting and the age we live in. High-quality recording devices are really affordable these days and there’s a suite of equally affordable audio editing software out there. The environment is just so conducive for independent radio makers,” she says.

Evana Ho

Evana Ho

After several months of planning and preparation, the first episode of Love, Canberra aired.

“I chose to focus on the subject area that I have because I don’t have particular expertise in fields such as science, politics, history, etc. – but love, sex and relationships are topics you can have meaningful conversations with people about without having precisely relevant expertise,” says Evana.

“I started out telling the stories of people who are engaged in lifestyles/interests, or who live their lives in a particular way that is outside of the mainstream,” explains Evana. “I wanted to help move the needle on how we think about their passions and values and show that they are our friends, our neighbours, our work mates – just regular, decent folks.”

But Evana says she’s not interested in simply highlighting the lesser known dimensions of what goes on in between the sheets of Canberra.

Part of the reason why I’ve taken on subjects like these, however, is because it’s much easier to find people who have specific interests or subscribe to a certain way of living. They self-identify and are part of communities that have an online presence. The stories that I’m also interested in, which I’ve been covering but want to do more of, relate to experiences that are universal – and it’s much harder finding interview subjects for that.”

The Love, Canberra banner

The Love, Canberra banner

Evana has covered everything from Orgasmic Meditation to Kink and Polyamory – subjects, which she explains are often presented by other media in a way that sensationalises and scandalises them.

“I didn’t think those subjects needed any help in being marginalised, and I didn’t want to contribute to that. I wanted to help normalise them and foster greater understanding,” says Evana.

“When I started my podcast, I couldn’t see that there was anyone else, or any media entity, dedicated to telling the stories that I do about the people of Canberra. These are hyper-specific, non-newsy stories, and I think they offer a unique insight into our fellow Canberrans.

“There are many more – and wonderful – kinksters, polaymorists, and people moonlighting as camgirls/boys living here than we realise.”

Evana is always on the hunt for new stories and would love to hear from any Canberrans out there who have a story they’d like to share. Get in touch with Evana at [email protected].

Listen to Love, Canberra here


Sophia Bouzas

Sophia is a local Canberra girl half way through her Public Relations/Law degree. But when she’s not studying, paralegal-ing or interning for the lovely team at HerCanberra, you will probably find her enjoying Canberra’s selection of cafes, watching cheesy romantic comedies with a tea in hand or planning her next adventure. More about the Author