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Turning wees and poos into trees

Natalie Truong

Well it is that time again, baby number three on the way and thinking of all the things to get ready before the big arrival.

I remember my first pregnancy. and being overwhelmed with lists and well-meaning advice of what to get and not to get. One item that seemed high on everyone’s advice list was nappies – apparently having the “right kind” can make all the difference.

So what is the “right” kind of nappy? When we started to look into the options we were completely overwhelmed – so many styles and brands to choose from, which ones would be most absorbent, which ones would be better for the environment, what could we afford?

Once we had emerged from the early blur of parenthood. we eventually settled on a combination of reusables and disposables. However, by the birth of our second baby, we were committed to using cloth reusables, thinking that we were doing the environment a favour. No more wheeling out garbage bins full of stinky disposables. But now we had the washing machine working around the clock, using up enough water to fill a dozen Olympic swimming pools.

What next? Despite doing loads of research on,and trying out various brands and styles, we were still left with the environmental impact of our nappy usage.

Whilst there is an ongoing nappy debate about the merits of using reusable versus disposable, there is no arguing that every nappy used has a lasting impact on the environment – disposables with their massive use of non-renewable resources and bleaching chemicals; and cloth and reusable nappies with large amounts of pesticides and water used during the growth of conventional cotton, plus the ongoing water, energy and detergent usage to keep them clean.

So local dad (who also happens to be my husband), Robert, decided the only way to lessen our environmental impact for nappy usage was to do something about it – wee by wee, poo by poo and tree by tree. Last month Robert launched a crowdfunding campaign to start up Ones, Twos and Trees.

For the cost of less than two boxes of nappies, Ones, Twos and Trees will plant trees to offset the average carbon emissions produced during the first 2.5 years of a child’s nappy use. Planting forests helps soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow.

To help raise funds to make Ones, Twos and Trees a reality, simply pledge your support and offset your nappy usage by visiting www.onestwosandtrees.com or the crowdfunding site www.startsomegood.com/onestwosandtrees. You will also enter the draw for a chance to win a set of Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted nappies and covers.

Whilst we will still try our best to minimise our impact on the environment with our nappy usage, I look forward to the day when our kids can tell their own kids that they have helped to plant a forest.

Natalie Truong

Natalie is about to be totally outnumbered by boys with the pending arrival of her third son. She is, however, lucky enough to have a husband who is happy to be a stay at home dad; and when she is not complaining about the smell of the toilet (why do boys always miss?); she is passionate about the environment and making ethical choices to ensure a better future for her kids. More about the Author