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Gifts ain’t boring this Mother’s Day

Annie Caughey

Mama Mia, it’s almost May already? You know what that means, Mother’s day is fast approaching, and you need to find that perfect gift for that special lady.

Well luckily enough, we’ve got the best gift since homemade macaroni necklaces, and it’s created by…Canberra!

Gaining inspiration from a mother close to their own hearts, the team behind We Ain’t Boring CBRSoudalay Thammavongsa and Emma Madsen, are back, teaming up with other Canberra creatives including Nellie and the Cat and The Little Flame Co. This talented girl gang has strung together some exquisite mother’s day packages, that are not only going to please your old lady but the rest of the city too.

Each unique package is made up of a series of local products including a handcrafted beaded necklace from Nellie and the Cat, an organic soy coconut and lime candle from The Little Flame Co, and some cute as hell prints from local graphic designer Shenton and Thrello.

But do you know what the best part is? Every cent of profit made from these sales will be donated straight back into the Canberra community through We Ain’t Boring’s unique model.


Soudalay Thammavongsa and Emma Madsen

There are four different packages to choose from (The New Acton, the Ainslie, the Manuka or the Kingston), so you can find the ideal combination that best suits your own mum.

Whether you want to send your mum to the tropics with an irresistibly delicious scented candle or gift her a delicately crafted statement piece of jeweller, you can find a package or individual item that’s guaranteed to charm her (cough favourite child, cough).

If she’s the decorating type (and really what mum isn’t). Why not add to your order some hand lettered ‘Kill them with Kindness’ prints to lighten up her office or the family home? Add your own decorative frame and you’ve got a present that is both thoughtful and trendy.

The Kingston

The Kingston

Emma and Soudalay are passionate about promoting our beautiful capital and sending love and kindness back into the community, a passion they say is inspired from Jilli Madsen, Emma’s mum and Soudalay’s second mum.

“Jilli taught us both about compassion, to always keep striving for your dreams and to never give up,” they explain. That’s why every dollar that is made through this project is directly donated to a local, not for profit organisation.

The We Ain’t Boring Mother’s Day campaign is designed to help carry this message of compassion into the community. Not only will your mum be spoilt but your gift will also be a donation on her behalf to the city we all love. So you really can give your mum a little piece of Canberra, a present that’s close to her heart as well as yours.

Find out more at www.weaintboringcbr.com


Annie Caughey

Annie Caughey who has just recently returned from London has spent most of her life coming and going, but always seems to find herself back in the humble Canberra. She is a big believer in the vibrant colourful culture that exists here and loves everything from fashion and food to music and art. Even though she still can't figure out the bus system, she has a great knowledge of what's happening in Canberra and loves sharing all about it with Her Canberra readers. More about the Author