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Issue 11: Summer


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The Hot List: Summer

Want to impress your friends with your knowledge of what’s new and ‘hot’ in...

With Amanda Whitley

30 ways to spend December in Canberra

“There’s nothing to do in Canberra over summer”?  That’s where you’re wrong. Here are...

With Amanda Whitley

Havana Heat

It’s going to be a long hot summer.  Or at least we hope so....

With HerCanberra Team

30 ways to spend January

“THERE’S NOTHING TO DO IN CANBERRA OVER SUMMER” That’s where you’re wrong. Here are...

With Amanda Whitley

#bingeflix: What to watch this summer

Sure, summer days are best enjoyed outdoors. However, on the occasions when you’re craving...

With Ashleigh Went

Bare beauty

Pared back and perfect, these three summer beauty looks will take you from beach...

With Amanda Whitley

Summer reads for 2018

There’s nothing better than the perfect beach read or page-turner in summer. We asked...

With Rebecca Worth, Paperchain Bookstore

Sizzling summer movies

Summer and film go hand‐in‐hand, whether it’s binge‐watching old faves over the holiday season,...

With Roslyn Hull