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Aloha, Queen Bee Pineapple!

Kaylia Payne

Hawaii. The very name itself conjures up images of bright blue water, the scent of coconut sunscreen, the cheerful sound of ukuleles and, of course, the sweetness of pineapples. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get a taste of all of the goodness Hawaii has to offer as the Canberra Division of the Australian American Association, in conjunction with the American Embassy, will be bringing Hawaii to you this Sunday at the National Multicultural Festival.

The MC for this year’s American Experience is Her Majestic Fruitiness, Queen Bromelia Kala Aloha Ferrari Pineapple (also known as Queen Bee Pineapple for short), and she assures me that the Hawaiian Experience is not to be missed.

Queen Bee Pineapple

Queen Bee Pineapple


“It will be a taste of the 50th state of America when all things tropical are on display,” she shares.

“Whether it be hula, ukulele or pineapples there will be a spirit of aloha running through this celebratory day of music, dance, displays and family fun. Aloha Oe and Pearly Shells will stay with you for weeks after.”

With the American Experience – Hawaii having a strong focus on all things pineapple, Queen Bee Pineapple was the obvious choice as MC, embracing the pineapple philosophy to its fullest.

“My favourite thing about pineapples is they have such a striking impact wherever they appear; whether it be when they first appear out of the crown of the mother pineapple as a pineapple pup or when an ordinary fruit bowl is made resplendent with the addition of the Queen of Fruit, to the party in your mouth that is a juicy bite of fresh pineapple or the exotic addition of pineapple to a sweet or savoury dish…[even] the multitude of applications as a design element,” says Queen Bee Pineapple.

However, it wasn’t just Queen Bee Pineapple’s love of the fruit that inspired her to create her superhero alter ego as well as her production company, Pineapple Productions in 2010. Rather, it was born of her fond memories of her childhood creative pursuits—her grandmother’s art classes under the house, the drama lessons she received from her mother after school in the outdoor area, and the family sing-alongs around the piano.

“I realised that not everyone has these creative experiences at home,” she shares.

“I wanted to produce experiences for families to play together with arts as the basis of this play.”

And this is exactly what Pineapple Productions does.

“One can expect to have a whole lot of fruity fun when Queen Bee and her pop-up Pineapple Palace are in the building, park, courtyard or stage,” she says.

But it’s when Queen Bee takes off her crown at the end of the day that she admits is the hardest part of being a children’s performer.

“I remember once at a festival, a boy who was “knighted” by Queen Bee Pineapple and spent the rest of the day “rescuing” other children from normality and bringing them to meet the Pineapple Queen so they too could join the fruity fantasy,” Queen Bee Pineapple reminisces.

“I encountered this boy later when I was leaving and he looked straight at me and said ‘Where is Queen Bee Pineapple?’.”

However, she is quick to assure that the perks of working with children and families more than makes up for it.

“My favourite part of performing is seeing the delight in children and adult’s eyes when Queen Bee greets them and sees them as royalty too. Everyone likes to be acknowledged as better than the world sees them.”

The American Experience – Hawaii will be a blast for people of all ages. So if you’re looking for a colourful, fun, pineapple-y experience this Sunday head down to the National Multicultural Festival and immerse yourself in everything Hawaii. Aloha!

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The essentials

What: National Multicultural Festival: The American Experience – Hawaii
When: Sunday 15 February, 11am – 6pm
Where: Platform 1, Petrie Plaza
Web: Visit Queen Bee Pineapple online.

Kaylia Payne

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