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Flowers with a purpose…

Jessica Schumann

The doorbell rings. The dog barks. And there standing on the other side of the door is an exquisite floral arrangement bursting with pink oriental lillies, snapdragons and lambs’ ear. But rather it is the infectious and innocent smile peaking from behind that makes a statement.

For a moment, I’m reliving my younger days (not that long ago) and instantly remember the afternoons spent at my mother’s florist in the Blue Mountains, delivering (with pride), the creative and often clever bouquets and posies filled with vibrant colours and divine perfumes.

My beautiful blossoming blooms...

My beautiful blossoming blooms…

But I don’t ever remember doing what happened next.

Taking the flowers, I feel two arms wrap around my waist and a gentle tug to give me a hug. That’s when I realise that this is like no other delivery I’ve experienced.

Blessed with an innocent courage that most of us would shy away from, 16-year-old Gayana Wijewickrema has down syndrome. But while some may see it as a disadvantage, Gayana has been thriving as she works alongside her mother (and sister, Nip) in the family’s floristry business GG Flowers, and delivers more than just blossoming blooms throughout Canberra.


Gayana with her sister Nip next to their infamous rainbow roses…

GG’s Flowers was established by Gayana’s mother after she grew frustrated at the lack of job opportunities for people with disabilities. This socially sustainable florist in unlike most other profit driven florists. GG’s Flowers doesn’t measure their success by profit, instead they measure their quiet success by Gayana’s happiness.

While her knowledge of nature’s bounty is limited, Gayana’s personality certainly shines through as I spend a few minutes chatting with her on my doorstep.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” she says clearly practicing for the lead up to Sunday, which is promptly followed by another big hug.

Her warm nature brings a smile to my face and I can only imagine how many others to whom she has done the same. Bright-eyed with an even brighter bunch of flowers, Gayana loves the colours that come with delivering her mother’s artistic floral creations and of course ringing the doorbell! Before every delivery, she questions the likelihood of making friends with the flower recipients dog. The higher the chance, the bigger the hug.

Flowers have long been a symbol of love and care. So if you’re thinking of giving an exquisite floral bouquet to the leading lady in your life this weekend, then why not send it from a mother and daughter duo who can guarantee to deliver more than just a gorgeous gift this Mother’s Day!

GG’s Flowers is a socially sustainable florist based in Canberra. The GG’s Girls’ primary aim is to provide stunning flowers whilst providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities. 

It’s also with great excitement that earlier this year the GG’s girls welcomed two special needs team members into their awesome business. They hope that as the orders flood in, they will be able to employ more and more people with special needs and help them gain meaningful employment to ensure they have a special purpose.

The more flowers they sell, the more people with disabilities they can hire.


As a special offer to all HerCanberra readers, the GG girls would like to offer FREE delivery with any Mother’s Day order over $70.  GG’s Flowers will also be offering $50 bouquets* that come with a FREE posie pot and a few of their famous rainbow roses. *Pick up only.

Just like our Facebook page and quote the code “GG girls loves HerCanberra” to receive free delivery when you place your order.

The essentials

The place: GG’s Flowers
 [email protected]
Web: or find GG Flowers on Facebook
Phone: 0402 370 097


Jessica Schumann

A 'rambling ranga' at heart, Jessica Schumann is a bubbly, creative social thinker who thrives on words, social media and an innate knack for sharing stories. When she finds the time to write, Jessica seeks out the beauty in change and the essence of human condition. Varied and diverse in nature, her writing delves into the enviable world of people, travel, food and culture. When you can't find her in a nook writing, just follow your nose and you’ll soon find Jessica indulging in her other passion – cooking – or curled up on the couch with a good book in hand. You can find her over at More about the Author

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    I definitely wanted to check out the GG girls on Facebook but the link you have above is broken. I think this one will get you there:

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      Thanks Tara – all fixed – we were missing an ‘h’ in the link!