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Hearts for Connie

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We’ve been carefully following the journey of Connie Johnson for some time now.

The fearless, warm and wonderfully kind human has made headlines around the world (and World Records too!) with her amazing story and the story of those who support her, including her dedicated brother Sam and her Love Your Sister “village” of volunteers, friends and kind Canberrans.

You can, and should, read about Connie’s journey here.

Connie and her brother Sam

Connie and her brother Sam

Connie is now in the Clare Holland House Hospice, however, her village isn’t going anywhere. In fact, they’ve started a new, heartfelt initiative for Connie.

“Connie recently shared how much she loves the story of Sadako and the thousand paper cranes,” explains Love Your Sister village member Monique Knight. “The [story] is about a young girl in Japan who wanted to make 1000 cranes before she dies and how that started a movement of love with others joining in and making Cranes.”

“So an idea has arisen. We would like everyone who wants to, to make a heart for Connie.”

Monique explains that it can be a simple paper heart, a paper heart with words for Connie or words about another loved one who is fighting or lost their fight, a material heart, crochet heart whatever your heart desires and how you feel you want to show your love.


Once you’ve created a heart for Connie, all you have to do is take a photo and post on social media with the hashtags #loveyoursister, #1000heartsforConnie and #nowisawesome.

“Let’s make our own movement of love,” urges Monique. “Also send [Love Your Sister] your hearts so we can pass them all onto Connie so she can feel and see your love every day.”

Canberrans who would like to send Connie a heart via Love Your Sister can do so by mailing them to:

Love your Sister

PO Box 498

Belconnen ACT 2616

You can donate to Love Your Sister, with all proceeds going directly to Breast Cancer Research here.


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