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Kylie vs Kerri

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If you love books and laughing out loud (not necessarily in that order) you won’t want to miss Kylie Ladd and Kerri Sackville at Muse on Monday 21 August.

To celebrate the launch of Kylie’s newest novel The Way Back, she’s hitting Canberra with Kerri—an author, columnist and social commentator. To give you a taste of what’s in store, we asked them to interview each other‚ the results are as hilarious as you’d expect.

Kylie in the hot seat

KERRI: Kylie, The Way Back is your fifth novel to date. You also work as a neuropsychologist. If you weren’t a novelist and neuropsychologist, what other career would you have starting with ‘n’?

KYLIE: Nail technician. I would wear a little white smock and a face mask and my customers would smile and thank me profusely and not leave one-star reviews on Goodreads when it’s not like THEY could write a bloody novel and I’d never have to worry about word counts or sales and goodness, I’m off right now to Google how you get qualified in nail technician-ing. But only manicures. I’m not big on other people’s feet.

KERRI: You have written about infidelity, genetic sibling attraction, death, and now abduction. Is it possible you have a dark side?

KYLIE: You think?! This is a great question. I write in the genre of commercial fiction, and when most people hear that they think my books are about handbags and shopping and pink cocktails sipped from the navel of Brad Pitt. They’re actually not, and I’m very much interested in how people respond to the hard stuff of life. Adversity shapes us far more than ease (or pink cocktails).

KERRI: What would your rap star name be?

KYLIE: Not being much of a rap aficionado myself, I had to ask my two teenagers for help with this question. My son thought about it and said “Well, mum, you love to vacuum, so maybe you could be K Suck.” Then my daughter piped up and pointed out that that would be better as my porn star name. Perhaps don’t print this answer.

KERRI: Well, my rap star name is K Sack so I think we’d work well as a duo. (For rap! Only rap! Not porn!) Er… let’s get back on track. Kylie, you recently started an Instagram account. What is your Insta account name and what can followers expect to see on your feed?

KYLIE: @kylie_ladd_author…. Blatant self-promotion and random guinea pig shots.

KERRI: Have you ever visited Canberra before? What was the highlight of your trip? Will you ever write a novel set in Canberra?

KYLIE: I’ve only visited Canberra once before for a psych conference as a student when I was about 21. My bestie at the time (another psych student) and I bought matching bright red jeans there, wore them for the next few days to every session and thought we were pretty much IT. I am hoping this visit to Canberra can also deliver such happy memories.

KERRI: I’m sure it will. But I’m not wearing red jeans. Now, if you could go out to dinner with any famous Canberra resident apart from Amanda Whitley, who would it be?

KYLIE: When I think of Canberra, I think of politicians and the AIS. I’m not much into politics, but I AM a total sport head so I’d love to meet any of our Olympians. Preferably a swimmer. Preferably male. And if he had to come straight from training still in his bathers with his big chest all wet, that would be fine too. Oh dear.

KERRI: (Sighs, thinking of the Olympian swimmer. Coughs. Composes herself.) So, Kylie, do you have any questions for me?

Kerri in the hot seat

KYLIE: Yes. I do. Kerri, you’re a high-profile columnist with a huge social media following. What’s the best/worst piece of unsolicited advice you’ve received from your followers?

KERRI: If I’m so high-profile why don’t I ever get stopped in the supermarket and asked for my autograph? I’ve always wanted that to happen. Maybe it will happen in Canberra? As for advice… I often get told to shut my drawers when I post pictures of my house. It seems to drive people crazy. I like my drawers open. So much easier to access the contents….

KYLIE: What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

KERRI: The love of my precious children. Ha! Only joking. Coffee.

KYLIE: And what drives you straight back there?

KERRI: The fact that it’s there. I love my bed. I retreat to it often. I’ve often wondered how long I could lie in bed at a stretch without getting bored. If I had food and books, I’m guessing a month? Maybe two?

KYLIE: What is your spirit animal?

KERRI: The dugong. It has a look of contented resignation I find very appealing.

KYLIE: All forms of currency are abolished. What do you now write for? (a) wine (b) hot chips (c) Nutella (d) Your kids to leave you alone just for one hour, damn it.

KERRI: In the absence of currency, I would continue to write just for the joy of bringing pleasure to other people. Ha! Only joking. I’d write for hot chips.

KYLIE: You are conducting a wild, passionate but very, very secret affair with Chris Hemsworth. Why do you choose Canberra as the setting for your illicit trysts?

KERRI: The word ‘Canberra’ is rumoured to be derived from either an Indigenous word for ‘meeting place’, or an Indigenous word for ‘breasts’. Either seems appropriate for my special meetings with Chris.

See Kerri and Kylie up close and personal

HerCanberra and Muse are proud to present Kylie Ladd in conversation with Kerri Sackville to launch Kylie’s newest novel, The Way Back.

Come along and listen to Kylie and Kerri discuss all things books and writing (and there is also talk of interpretive dance…) Ask them burning questions, enjoy a glass of fine wine from Muse and grab your copy of The Way Back. Signed copies of the book will be able for purchase on the night.

Attendance is free but bookings are essential. Please register via Eventbrite.


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