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Meet my new work hubby, Wilko.

Kristen Henry

A good work husband or work wife is worth their weight in gold, right?

They know your coffee order off by heart, you’ve cried to them in the toilets when you didn’t get that promotion and laughed with them, hysterically, post that painful team building exercise, akin to root canal.

I’m getting a new work husband. Which I guess means WE are getting a new work husband, because you might start your mornings with him too.

Friends, meet Wilko.

He’s single; used to collect plastic bread clips as a child and Human Nature’s “Tellin Everybody” was his first album.

Hold on, let me try that intro again.

He’s interested and interesting. You’ll hear his laugh walking into a party before you see his face, he’s also the first one at said party to get into a verbal altercation because he’s opinionated and not afraid to show it.

He’s one of those people who get to Canberra and realise we are fabulous. I have been so proud to show him around over the last month or so, incognito.

The first question Wilko always gets asked is, “Are you from here?”. He politely explains he’s been from everywhere over the last 10 years, mostly Sydney and the Central Coast working both in radio and voiceover. He’s been the voice of Channel Ten for the last few years. The number of people who find that out and then say “can you do the voice?” is extraordinary. Try it, he’ll tell you in person what’s coming up on MasterChef. It’s funny and weird at the same time.

Canberrans often then say, “oh, so you’ve NEVER done a winter here?” with a sympathetic face. The poor guy thinks he’s moving to Alaska with the winter horror stories he’s been told.

But he’s not flinching. We spend this week farewelling my old work husband Rod and new work hubby Wilko starts next Monday 26 June.

I’m pumped for Rod. He and I have been at the helm of the Mix 106.3 Breakfast show for four years, Rod in the chair for six. About six months ago he turned to me in the car on the way back from a client meeting and started a sentence with “you know, I just want to be able to drop my kids at school…”. I knew the honeymoon was over. There are other women in his life that deserve to have breakfast with him face to face—his wife and two girls.

Breakfast radio is a hell of a lot of fun, but it also requires a 3:30am alarm and lots of extra-curricular activities.

Rod got a promotion meaning he’s now technically my boss (watch out salary negotiations—God, have I got some dirt to bargain with!). I’m glad Rod still gets to be a part of the show and the station, and gets to do the school run, too.

The hardest part of Rod’s decision was the unknown—who would be my new partner in crime? We’re locked in a padded room for three hours a morning, what if I hated him? Would he also enjoy a Friday long lunch with Rosé as much as I do?

I had nothing to worry about…but don’t take my word for it—give us a crack on 26 June!

The heart of the show stays the same, we are everything Canberra. We just have new friend to get to know (one who has been told explicitly to leave his bread clips and Human Nature album at home).


Kristen Henry is one half of The Kristen and Wilko Show on MIX 106.3 in Canberra. Follow her adventures at More about the Author

  • Lyn Cowley

    I stopped listening to 106 at brekkie time a couple of weeks after Kristen started. She is too loud and is so interested in hearing her own voice that she talks/roars over the top of listeners – especially when they have won something. I like to hear their reaction, not hers. At work, the radio is on 106, and I’m usually happy when 9 am comes. I’ll see how the interaction between Kristen and the new guy goes. Rod and Kristen often sound rehearsed. I live in hope that Kristen and the new guy will be more like Rod and Biggzy. That was a hard act to follow.

  • gjacqui

    Loving the new combo! Wilco is friggen hilarious, he and Kristen bounce off each other wonderfully.