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Five minutes with Lucy Feagins of The Design Files

Beatrice Smith

In 2008, before Instagram was flooded with minimalist bedrooms and Pinterest was even invented, Lucy Feagins started a blog.

The blog was called The Design Files (TDF) and in the almost 10 years since its inception, it has become a touchstone of inspiration for everyone from DIY-ers to celebrity stylists.

Encompassing home and garden design, creative profiles, and my personal favourite—a peek into some of Australia’s most gorgeous homes—TDF seeks to show how design can push boundaries and how good design positively influences our lives.

Lucky for us, Lucy is coming to Canberra this weekend to share her plethora of design knowledge in her Decoding Colour Masterclass at Canberra Centre on Saturday 4 November. We chatted with her ahead of her visit to see what guests can expect.

What are you excited to share at your Decoding Colour Masterclass?

Through generating content for our website, I see so many beautiful Australian homes, and every week I chat to incredible local architects, artists and designers, so I guess I am well placed to talk about what I’m seeing in interiors and design right now, and where we might be headed.

I’m excited to bring together a whole lot of amazing imagery of vibrant colourful interiors, to lead a discussion on what colour trends I’m seeing right now, and offer some ideas on how to bring colour into the home.

How can colour play a role in the way someone feels about their home?

Colour is so emotive—we respond to colour on such a personal, and emotional level. Burnt orange and browns can conjure up nostalgic memories of our grandparents’ beach house, playful bright, primary accent colours always lift a space and makes us smile, whilst dark, and moody greys and blues create a hushed, sophisticated atmosphere.

Colour is your most powerful tool when it comes to creating a specific mood or atmosphere in any interior!

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How have people’s attitudes to home design changed since you started The Design Files almost 10 years ago?

10 years ago I think our personal spaces were a lot less ‘visible’—with the advent of Instagram and the growing influence of social media, basically, we’re just a lot less private than we used to be!

I feel generally the result has been that we’re more ‘house proud’ than we used to be, and more aware of home styling trends. There’s more awareness about interiors trends and a greater confidence in how people are choosing to decorate their spaces.

What interior trends and colours are you forecasting for 2018?


We’re seeing a resurgence of terrazzo tiles and surfaces in bathrooms, kitchen, flooring. The irregular ‘confetti’ style patterns in these tiles and surfaces lends a new playfulness to functional interiors.


After years of mid-century (i.e. 1950’s and 60’s) appreciation, we’re finally seeing a renewed interest in the design trends and colour palette of the 1970—think deep orange and nutmeg tones, dark timber, and decorative woven textiles.


We love the abstract geometric works on paper by emerging Melbourne artist Bobby Clark, and the clean lines in Stephen Baker’s work.


Bringing the outside in, leafy motifs (in textiles and artwork) plus indoor plants are still very on trend!

the essentials

What: Decoding Colour Masterclass with Lucy Feagins
When: Saturday 4 November from 11am-12pm
Where: Level 1, Monaro Mall, Canberra Centre—across from Apple.
Tickets: $24.08 via Eventbrite


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