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Getting “appy” with the Merrymaker sisters

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They created a healthy food following, and now they have created an app to help you find their recipes.

They may have given up their strict paleo ways for a more mindful and moderate approach to eating, but Canberra’s original Merrymaker Sisters are still going strong. In fact, they are going to number one with a bullet.

Their Get Merry Mobile App, launched on Monday, rose to the top spot for mobile app sales in the Australian AppStore in just nine hours.

The app brings together over hundreds of quick, easy, healthy recipes by the popular health and happiness bloggers, Emma and Carla Papas.

The sisters have relocated to the Gold Coast and are preaching a mindful, healthy and convenient approach to food. And now they want to make it easier for their followers to access their favourite recipes.

According to Carla “We love creating recipes for our blog, this is why we see hundreds of thousands of views to our website each month. The hard thing for our readers is re-finding their favourite recipes, they can waste hours researching for it.

“We wanted to create something that made finding and more importantly making, healthy recipes easy.”


The mobile app is being shared across social media, with over 1200 downloads on day one of its launch.

Like their recipes, the sisters say they went for simple and easy on their app.

Emma says “users want a straightforward category system, amazing search function, so you can search for ingredients and recipe titles and beautiful photos… so you actually know what you’re supposed to be making and you can drool over the deliciousness!”

The sisters founded themerrymakersisters.com in February 2013 in Canberra when they started living a paleo lifestyle and sharing images to their personal Instagram accounts. Since then they’ve moved to a “real” or unprocessed lifestyle.

Emma says that “Paleo will always be part of our story but for us, it’s more important to take a less stress is best approach in all parts of life… especially food! We both used to have a really negative mindset when it came to our body image. We’d binge, feel guilty, beat ourselves up for a day, feel like crap, eat ‘healthy’ for a couple days then do it all over again.”

The sisters have almost 68,000 followers on Instagram and more than 38,000 on Facebook.

Their homepage says “stuff the diets and guilt trips (they suck!). Get Merry instead”.

They worked on the app for over seven months to bring it to life and set the goal for 500 downloads in week one of launch.

“It’s safe to say we need to think a little bigger next time!” says Carla.

The Get Merry App is available in the App Store for $2.99 (AUD) at www.themerrymakersisters.com/app and will be made available for Android in the next month.


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