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Party like a princess with Mollycoddle Parties

Ashleigh Went

Emma and Sally of Mollycoddle Parties are nothing short of fairy godmothers. Since 2014, the pair have been granting wishes to princesses of all ages in the form of affordable yet indulgent mobile pamper parties. Their new pop-up store in Westfield Woden adds a new dimension to their fairy tale. The beautifully decorated pink and gold room is complete with mirrors, makeup, giant beanbags, tutus and all kinds of girly delights not only offering a new party venue and a chance to see what Mollycoddle parties are all about, but it also signals the success of a business that has truly bloomed under the tender care of two local mums.


Mollycoddle Parties pop-up store can be found at Westfield Woden near St George Bank but hurry —they’re only there until Friday 20 March.


Sally and Emma both have backgrounds in skincare and makeup, and their shared vision came to a boiling point in the car ride home one evening after training. Both women had dipped their toes in the beauty consulting world, but Sally found that kind of sales wasn’t her cup of tea.

“But we loved doing the pamper side of things,” says Emma. “Childcare is my background, and Sally was always keen to do the little girl’s parties while I always thought the women’s parties would work. We were driving home one night and thought ‘let’s do it!’.”

That week would see Emma and Sally catching up daily to plan their business and creating their beautiful website. Sally says “that was June last year, and literally within a week it was up and running. I’ve got a background in IT so that helped, and Emma’s friend Katrina Burgers is a photographer so she did our beautiful photos.”

Sally reigned in help from other mothers she’d met at a mother’s group including Erica of Erica Miller Designs to design the Mollycoddle logo and banner, and Sally’s friend Sarah of Ella Lara Designs, who provides gorgeous hair clips and bows to the pair for their party bags and presents as well as to sell in their pop-up shop.


Ella Lara Designs


“We spent the first six weeks marketing,” Sally explains, “and then we set up stalls at the Fyshwick Markets, the Baby & Kids Market, the Gold Creek Markets and a few others, and before we knew it we started getting more bookings!”

Demand has grown, with clients booking in November last year for parties in March and April.

“We even had someone come in last week in February and book a party for November!” says Emma.


Party like a princess!


Sally and Emma describe the Canberra community, and particularly the Gungahlin area as “really helpful and supportive”, securing party bookings through word of mouth at schools and online, as well as other Canberra businesses jumping on board to help out. Tutu Fancy, Platinum InvitationsCandy Buffets and Capital Cupcakes are some of the businesses that Mollycoddle has partnered with. They’ve even connected with family friendly Macgregor café Tommy & Me to offer a unique café party experience, and will be appearing at Hoyts Woden for a special premiere of Cinderella later this month.

Business is thriving, and the ladies are delighted at the popularity of their parties.

“Everyone that has them loves them,” says Sally. “It’s more about entertainment.”

The party packages themselves are filled to the brim with a range of entertainment offerings including face painting, games, lolly buffets, dancing, singing, mini makeovers, edible face masks, nail painting, guided meditation and more. The pair pay a great deal of attention to detail with special touches like tiaras for their Little Princess Pampers, little bottles of pink lemonade, while even supplying plush pink dressing gowns so that the princesses can relax, unwind and be pampered in style.


Perfect for little princesses or converted into something fun for your little prince, Mollycoddle Parties are ideal for all ages.


Both Emma and Sally are mothers of young children so they understand what kids love and tailor parties to the ages and interests of the party guests.

“The older the children are the more it becomes about the relaxing and the pampering, and less about the games,” says Sally.

They recognise that not every child will wait patiently to have their hair or nails done so they offer activities and games for children while they wait. Likewise, they recognise that boys have different interests too and offer parties for little superheroes or pirates with tailored activities and gift bags.

If you’re thinking that you like the sound of a pamper party but you’re not exactly a “little princess” anymore, Mollycoddle offer parties for grown ups as well.

Sally explains that even parents like a little fun pampering too.

“For the adults, it’s still entertainment – it’s not just about giving them a manicure but it’s about going to them in their own setting – whether that’s a hotel for a hen’s night, or their own home for a ‘Catch up with the Girls’.”


Who needs a little pampering?


“We do lots of baby showers and pre-hens too,” says Emma. “So we go an play games, do their makeup and then they go out for their big night.”

The ‘Catch up With the Girls’ has been one of their most popular packages, offering a hand exfoliation, hand massage, facial, non-alcoholic champagne (though you can supply your own vino) and token gift for all guests.

“You know when you’re a mum, you never get out and you don’t have a great deal of money when your kids are young,” Emma explains. “So we do a ‘Catch up With the Girls’ so they can have their kids there if they wanted. A lot of them do it just on a Friday night where they invite their friends around. We did one the other week where a group of friends hadn’t seen each other for a while, so they all got together on a Sunday afternoon and had a relaxing time without having to dress up or anything.”

Whether you’re a little girl or just a little girl at heart, Mollycoddle Parties have something for everyone. For a full menu of packages, visit their website.


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