Wise Women: Hana Sayers

Emma Macdonald

“Sometimes the greatest challenges in life can be mentally reframed in the space of a few calm, deep breaths…”

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, HerCanberra celebrates 10 outstanding local women who reveal their own wisdom based on the very different paths they have taken in life.

Hana Sayers is a former public servant who submitted her application to study midwifery when she was 30 weeks pregnant.

She has been working at Calvary Hospital for four years. Last year she was named ACT Midwife of the Year.

On every mother’s right to decide the circumstances of her childbirth

“I believe in a maternity system that facilitates and encourages informed decision making for all women. This includes access to a range of models of care and birth environments; from hospital, to birth centre, to home. It is every woman’s right to be supported by a care provider (midwife, GP, obstetrician) who recognises the importance of a woman creating her own unique birth journey which fulfils the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of her and her family unit.”


I am happiest…

“When I am either on my yoga mat or out in nature. Even on days when it’s a challenge to roll out my yoga mat, there is rarely a time that I don’t find myself feeling joy and even a touch of bliss as I dive into my practice.

My father gave me an appreciation for the simple pleasure of being in nature. Whether it’s by foot or bicycle, sitting still or moving from place to place, by dawn, day or moonlight. If I’m outside surrounded by the great outdoors, then I am happy!”

When life presents challenges

“I breathe! Everything in life changes; nothing is ever static. Sometimes the greatest challenges in life can be mentally reframed in the space of a few calm, deep breaths… If not, at least I know I haven’t reacted impulsively.

I surround myself with strong, grounded and wise people and am fortunate to have a network of friends, family, mentors and colleagues who all share their valuable and diverse wisdom and provide perspective and support.”

Photography: Martin Ollman

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