Wise Women: Pamela Neame

Emma Macdonald

“Be prepared for lots of hard work (be encouraged that it is worth it though).”

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, HerCanberra celebrates 10 outstanding local women who revealing their own wisdom based on the very different paths they have taken in life.

Pamela Neame worked in accounting and with community organisations before taking the leap into setting up her own conference and event management business Consec 20 years ago. 

She employs 10 people and has served on the ACT Lifeline Board for almost ten years.

On running a small business

“Be prepared for lots of hard work (be encouraged that it is worth it though); gather “good” people around you; be smart enough to know you can’t do everything yourself; don’t be afraid to take advice from other people and last but by no means least, try really hard to have a work/life balance – having your own business can consume you totally.”

I am happiest…

“When I am surrounded by those I love – husband, family and friends. I enjoy having time to myself to do whatever I feel like without rushing – listening to music, doing crosswords, catching up with friends, trying into some sort of fitness regime, watching movies, spending time with grandchildren and researching travel plans.”

When life presents challenges

“I think things through (perhaps over-think them), lose sleep, tend to overeat for a while, but then I do have a great ability to just “GET ON WITH IT” eventually, realising there really is no point in worrying about things you can’t control.”

Photography: Martin Ollman

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