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Women at Work: Eva Hudson

Laura Peppas

Given her parents own much-lauded Kingston bakery and cafe Silo, it makes sense Eva Hudson would drift into the hospitality industry.

Yet the 24 year old, now an assistant sommelier at famed Melbourne restaurant Attica, says it wasn’t a “love at first sight” situation.

“When I was younger I always said that I would never go into the hospitality industry, because I’d see the long hours my parents worked,” Eva says.

“Then over time I became quite addicted to the fast pace, it eventually just become something that was very natural for me and I grew very passionate about it.”

Eva began helping her parents, Graham and Leanne, at Silo when she was in high school.

It wasn’t long before she was working in top-notch restaurants such as Aubergine and Temporada, where she developed her knowledge on wine.

Eva Hudson, third from left, with the Attica crew.

Eva Hudson, at centre, with the Attica crew. Photo: Colin Page

In November 2014, Eva made the move to Melbourne after landing her “dream job” at Attica; considered to be Australia’s best restaurant by many food critics.

“I initially had contacted them and asked if there was any jobs that had come up to try my luck,” she says.

“The manager at the time decided to take me in on a trial, and then offered me the job. I can still remember getting the call – I was so excited.”

As the restaurant’s assistant sommelier, Eva works five days a week, most nights until 2am.

“I look after wine service duties while guests are there and during the day I’m ordering wines or designing new pairings for the tasting menu – there’s lots of different facets of the job,” she says.

“[Attica] has a very theatrical atmosphere; the walls and the roof and the floor is black, and then we have these white table cloths, with spotlights on each table. It’s a simple very minimal decor, but when the food starts arriving it’s like theatre, it’s very dramatic and the focus is what’s happening on the table.”


Attica Restaurant. Photo: Attica website

Eva says she has had customers tell her they’ve had the “best dining experiences” of their lives.

“That’s probably the best part of the job – I love creating a really wonderful experience for someone,” she says.

“If you have someone come into the restaurant and teach them something, or maybe they had no expectations of what they were going to experience on that particular evening.”


Laura Peppas

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