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Women at Work: Alicia Hyblewski

Alexa Sommerville

Though originally most likely the result of a batch of toffee gone awry, fudge has been anything but a mistake for Alicia Hyblewski.

After spending 20-odd years in the property and business industry, and with an MBA under her belt to boot, Alicia realised the boardroom didn’t have the flash of entrepreneurship and innovation she craved.

Trading in the real estate company she once owned, Alicia realised her MBA could be the key to starting over.

“An MBA can help sharpen your business strategy and leadership skills, and help accelerate your business management knowledge,” she says. “I wanted to create something that would help make people feel happy, and I knew it had to be something I really loved and felt passionate about, something that made me feel happy too.”


Alicia’s light bulb moment came when she realised that she was one of the many sweet tooths who just couldn’t get enough of chocolate-dipped strawberries and fudge.

Alicia set about learning everything she could about the fudge-making industry, attained a food business registration, began to research high-quality ingredients and started perfecting her own recipes, techniques and packaging.

And so, Canberra-based Fudgey was born.

While all that work sounds like enough to make anyone quit, Alicia maintains it’s been a sweet ride getting a foot in the door of the sweets world.

“We are still breaking into the market,” says Alicia, “but so far the response has been awesome. Our hometown Canberra was clearly ready for us and now we have amazing customers Australia-wide.”

Alicia Fudgey

Alicia says it’s been a journey, but one that she’s enjoyed immensely.

“We continue to push the envelope and do things differently when it comes to innovation and promotion, which means we are continuously learning, growing and improving, and that’s really fun.”

Alicia relies on Calico Cottage, the world’s leading supplier of quality fudge systems, to help her create 15 kilos of fudge every 40 minutes. Yes, that’s 15 kilos of fudge every hour.

Fudgey 2

Each batch is individually flavoured with one of the Fudgey’s 400 secret recipes.

For Christmas, Fudgey is making 2,000 hampers, each featuring 700g of Christmas Fudge Pudding, Christmas Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate, Red Velvet, Oreo® Cookies n Crème, Caramel and Chocolate fudge. They’re available for both online orders and will be sold during December at Fudgey’s pop-up shop in Westfield Belconnen, so the sweet-toothed person in your life is in for a treat. Literally.

All the sugar coating aside, Alicia says it’s important to live your passion because life’s too short to do otherwise.

“I had a few wake-up calls,” she reflects. “Now, I’m excited and grateful for each and every day, and a big part of that is because I absolutely love what I do, and that has an amazing ripple effect into every other area of my life.”

“It’s that passion which our customers can taste, see and touch in our creations.”

the essentials 

What: Fudgey
Where: Pop up shop in Westfield Belconnen across from Coles, or check out their website
More information: fudgey.com.au


Alexa Sommerville

Canberra raised Alexa Sommerville has almost completed her Bachelor of Communication in Journalism degree. After five months on exchange in the UK, Alexa fell in love with solo travel and has mastered the art of daydreaming either about her next getaway or her next meal. She enjoys watching health documentaries, online shopping and old-school film photography, but not as much as she does annoying her mother by using every ingredient in the pantry to bake her latest healthy food obsession. Alexa hopes one day to be writing about traveling, or eating, or writing while she travels and eats. More about the Author