Women at work: Tracey Denton

Laura Peppas

Four months ago Tracey Denton was waiting in line at a Civic café when she overheard a conversation that would prove to be the catalyst for her business.

“The two men in front of me were complaining that they never had time to pay their bills, pick up their dry-cleaning, that sort of thing, and they were in these really great jobs with great money, but they just had no time,” Tracey says.

“I’d been hearing that quite a lot from busy professionals in Canberra who just never had spare time and spent their weekends running errands rather than spending time with their families. I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, I have time, maybe we could work something out’.”

Tracey decided to create Canberra Concierge, an outsourcing service which helps people with their personal errands to free up their time, charging roughly $30 an hour for anything from picking up dry-cleaning to helping with public service applications.

Tracey Denton

Tracey Denton

With a part-time retail job and a background in nursing and administration, Tracey says she has the time and skills to help with almost any errand and if she doesn’t, she will outsource to an appropriate contact.

“The range of services is pretty much limitless, there’s not a lot I can’t do, but what I can’t do, I source people who can,” Tracey says.

“As long as it’s legal, we will do it. I’ve even had a call from someone at 2am asking me to pick them up from Civic and drive them home, which I got out of bed and did!”

So far, Tracey’s requests have included buying gifts for Mother’s Day, pick-ups and drop-offs, feeding pets while families are away and even taking a client’s son to the doctor.

I ask whether she’s taken aback about receiving some of the more personal requests.

“I’ve got a bit of a checklist that I ask people for the gifts in particular so I can narrow it down,” she says.

“I think people meet me and know instantly that they can trust me. I can be a bit of a Nanny McPhee or Mary Poppins, depending on what’s required.”

Tracey moved to Canberra from Bathurst in October last year and has three children of her own, one of whom lives here.

“I feel like Canberra is such a hidden treasure, the people are so lovely but they’re also obviously very busy because there’s so many politicians and high-profile professionals, so there was that gap in the market that was pretty noticeable when I first moved here,” she says.

Through her new business, she says she hopes to “bring balance” back to people’s lives.

“It’s just really nice to know that I can help people spend more time with their family – nothing’s really a problem for me.”

To find out more about Tracey’s services visit Canberra Concierge or find her on Facebook.


Laura Peppas

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