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3 Simple Steps: Summer Skin Makeover!

Lesley Johnston

Summer is here, and so many of my clients are crying out about their skin woes during this time of year. Canberra’s climate goes from dry and cold, to hot and sunny in no time, and the dramatic change in climate can stress your skin. So it’s time to ditch the winter skin care and change your regime to achieve that summer glow!

Step 1: Exfoliate!

Nothing like a good scrub to rejuvenate a dull complexion. By doing this once or twice a week, you will be helping to keep your pores clear of dirt and dead skin that can cause breakouts and blackheads. It also makes the treatment and hydration steps of your regime more effective because it is being applied directly to fresh skin.

These are the perfect summer exfoliator! An anti-aging self tanner that contains Active Vitamin D will help to tighten pores, eliminate black heads and fade existing sun spots while giving you that beautiful summer glow! 


Step 2: Treatment!

So now that we are fresh-faced, it’s time to apply a treatment mask. If you find that you have lots of blackheads or break outs then a mud mask will really help to extract impurities…or if you find that you suffer from redness and uncomfortable skin, then a soothing hydrating mask will work wonders.

But if you’re looking for something to make your skin soft and smooth, and to replace all the nutrients your skin is missing, then you must try an Algae mask!

Nutrient rich Algae nurtures and balances the skin leaving it soft and smooth! $40 from Myer

Step 3: Hydrate!

It’s time to ditch the rich and thick winter moisturisers and opt for a lighter hydrator, preferably with some spf. If you have large pores and your skin is quite oily, then go for an oil-free moisturiser to keep those pores clean and clear.

If you have a delicate, finer skin then go for a lightweight moisturiser that contains a rose oil to keep you wonderfully hydrated. For most of us, though, a general spf moisturiser that contains Hyaluronic Acid (an ingredient that binds water into your skin) will do the job!

This miracle skin saviour is a must at summer! Hydrating and filled with antioxidants, it also contains your daily dose of sunscreen! Mecca Cosmetica $45

Having beautiful summer skin is easy with these three steps. Do this routine once or twice a week and I promise you a glow greater than Jennifer Hawkins!

Lesley Johnston

Predominantly involved in fashion and dipping into freelance television and celebrity event make-up, Lesley has been working with make-up since 2006. For Lesley, it’s not just the creativity of make-up art, but the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people that keeps it interesting. Visit www.lesleyjmakeup.com to see her amazing work and follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LesleyJMakeup for the latest news. More about the Author

  • Michelle C

    Thank you Lesley for all your past HerCanberra posts. I am not a great user of make-up but I have really enjoyed reading the information you have provided. My favourite was the post on eye brows. I love my incredibly cheap Face of Australia kit and combined with your tips, the difference is amazing. Thank you so much. All the best for the future. I hope you will come back sometime:)

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