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A fishy story…when food meets fashion

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In the space of 12 hours, Carryn Jack felt like she’d done it all, and who can blame her?

She had to hold two frozen snappers on her boobs. Then she had a purple grape head dress poised on her head. Next was a raspberry-embellished cupcake crown. And then she was adorned with a big broccoli ruff collar and red chilli earrings.


And this was after she had spent considerable time posing in a brand new 4 Series BMW—in the car, under the car and in the boot. Yes, in the boot.

But for Carryn it was all in a day’s work. And she was happy ‘cause she got to eat one of the cupcakes when the shoots were finished, before heading home for a very long bath.

Carryn models for Canberra’s HAUS Models and was selected out of the 160-plus model call held for FASHFEST 2014 to strut her stuff on the runway, wearing local designer clothing and having the time of her life. She’s been modelling since she was 14 and is a pro at handling whatever the industry throws at her.

‘I admit that having grapes in my hair was one of the most bizarre things I’ve done during my modelling career,’ Carryn said when interviewed at the first rehearsal for FASHFEST 2014 in the underground car park at Zoo Advertising. ‘The fish were super cold and smelly and the broccoli neck piece heavy on my collar bone. And I had to stand very tall and still with the cupcake crown on my head.’

While Carryn didn’t seem phased at the zany circumstances in which she found herself, Leighton Hutchinson, the photographer who did both shoots, may well have been. After all, Leighton only had a few moments to capture each ‘look’ before grapes started to fall, cupcakes started to dislodge from their patties, and the fish started to smell a little fisher than usual.


But Leighton, who is the Director of Photographer for FASHFEST, got ‘the shot’ for each look and Carry was finally free to go home and get cleaned up. Whew.

The inspiration for these four innovative food and fashion shoots was Tegan McAuley’s, founder of the Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Market. The session was a taste test for the live shoot to take place at the FASHFEST stall at the autumn market on 12 April.

‘The live food and fashion photo shoot is going to be a blast,’ says Tegan. ‘And it will be the first time that visitors will be able to see first-hand the work that goes into getting that perfect shot.’

At the FASHFEST stall, Adam will create two new food and fashion looks and Wayne Hair, Director of Hair for FASHFEST and owner of Form Hair in Kingston, will work with stylist Chad Wijayatilake, to create two more. Karen Mathias, who owns M:Artistry and who is the Director of Makeup for FASHFEST, will be part of the foodie team, with Leighton behind the lens.


The live shoot isn’t a fast-food venture. It takes ages to think through these types of concepts, source the food and figure out how to pull it together,’ says Tegan. ‘Carryn’s ruby grapefruit necklace, for example, was constructed by carefully sewing together each slice. The broccoli ruff collar was created by piercing an unravelled metal coat hanger through each stem, and the grape head dress was created by bobby-pinning loose bunches of grapes to the hair and then pinning individual grapes on top of one another to create height and volume.’

April 12 is a perfect opportunity to dish up some tasty new looks since Hustle&Scout will take place the same day as The Forage, a new pop-up community food event bringing together a selection of Canberra’s finest restaurants, cafes, wineries and mobile food vendors. The Forage was cooked up by Belinda Neame who used to own the charming Gold Creek cupcakery, Cherry Seed. And guess what? Belinda made the cupcakes for Carryn’s crown.


Hustle&Scout Twilight Fashion Market, covering designer fashion, vintage threads, jewellery and accessories, will be held this Saturday 12 April, 3-8pm, in the Nishi Commercial Foyer and Hotel Hotel Lobby, NewActon.

Fashfest will be held at 30 April to 3 May.  Tickets for the four-night, red-carpet fashion event are on sale now, exclusively through 

Styling: Tegan McAuley, Founder Hustle&Scout; Adam Noble and Tegan Geal, Next Hair.
Model: Carryn Jack, Haus Models, Photographer: Leighton Hutchinson, Makeup Artist: Angelina Broso.



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