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Alison Jackson relaunches her Signature Collection

Morgan Alexander

How often do you get a chance to revisit the past?

Most artists are relentlessly fixed on the future, but Alison Jackson, a local Canberra gold and silversmith, took the opportunity this winter to return to her roots and reimagine her debut collection of jewellery.

Alison operates from her workshop in Queanbeyan, crafting refined tableware and jewellery that is both classic and contemporary. In September, she relaunched her Signature Collection, an assortment of elegant earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks.


The Signature Collection began when Alison was fresh out of university; eight years later, the collection has evolved and changed. Alison was able to take her time with this evolution, letting the collection develop naturally. Some pieces that were veteran members of the collection were let go, while new pieces were introduced that seamlessly integrated with the classic, timeless and elegant aesthetic. Alison drew her inspiration from these three words: classic, timeless, elegant.

“They’re kind of the three things,” Alison explains, describing her collection. “I’ve always wanted to create pieces that people could wear with a t-shirt and pair of jeans… [and also] translate to a special occasion.”

The collection is designed to be easy and comfortable, wearable in any context. Each piece is refined and clean, oozing a simple, minimalist luxury. Jackson sees the pieces as staple items that will last, even to be—eventually—passed on.


“It transcends trend. I don’t really design for a yearly collection or anything. They’re long-lasting. I like it that you can keep it and might wear it in five years, you might give it to someone, you might pass it down. It’s designed to hang around for a while”

Alison is passionate about her craft and has worked throughout her career to revive traditional silversmithing methods. Each piece in the collection is handcrafted in Alison’s Queanbeyan-based workshop, Pocket Studio.

She exclusively uses sterling silver for construction, applying two additional finishes: gold-plated and oxidised silver. Gold plating keeps prices in line with the rest of the collection and gives the pieces a subtle, soft gold colour. Oxidisation is a surface treatment which turns the natural silver a matte gunmetal grey-black. Together, the three colours bring variety to the collection with the same restraint shown through the entire group.


Just like her Signature Collection, in the eight years since Alison began as a new artist in the Canberra community, her work has evolved. Alison now works with a small team, and has pursued opportunities outside of her studio, including designing and creating an instalment for the Eden health and wellness experience in the Canberra Centre. She also has design markets in Melbourne and Canberra coming up, and an exhibition in Adelaide at the end of November.

“We’re growing a little bit. I do have an assistant that works with me a couple of days a week, which is good. It’s a bit of a learning curve.”

On top of these ventures-in-the-works, Alison is preparing for Christmas and wedding season – “It’s the best time. It’s my busiest time of the year.”

“[I’m in] a period where I feel like I just wake up, look at the list and think, ‘What am I doing today? Okay, go,’” she laughs, thriving on the rush.

Find our more about Alison Jackson on her website.


Morgan Alexander

Morgan is passionate about both writing and social and environmental issues. She believes media, by uniting these in a publically accessible way, can be a powerful tool for creating awareness and change. Currently a student at ANU, studying human rights, development studies and international relations, Morgan also works at the ANU Student Media newspaper Woroni. She treasures her family and friends, cooks to relieve stress, and can’t get enough of her pets. When not huddled in a library trying to figure out life, she also enjoys yoga, running, music, reading, and movies. More about the Author

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