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For our Magazine Issue #3 we decided to approach some of Canberra’s best and brightest beauty experts for their hidden tips and tricks.

We asked them to advise us on how to achieve a sleek, sophisticated look as seen on the cover of Edition #3 and throughout.

Ali Price (Ali Price Makeup), Makeup artist


Many of us struggle to find the perfect foundation colour, texture and finish.

Makeup Artists often use a mix of different foundations to achieve a flawless 3D look; fuller coverage through the centre to cover redness and to ensure longevity, lighter coverage around the outside of the face; a shade lighter through the centre, and a shade deeper around the outside of the face to give the impression of light coming ‘from within’. Our skin changes colour from winter to summer, so having at least two different tones in foundation allows you to custom blend for a perfect match all year round.


So many women tell me they struggle with putting on false eyelashes.

There are several tricks to a perfect application: First, curl and mascara your lash before you do anything else. This will ensure the false lash blends seamlessly.

Second, make sure the lash is the correct length – most are too long and need 1-3mm cut off the outside edge. Third, apply the glue sparingly and wait at least 10 seconds before you begin to attach it – the glue needs to be tacky to ‘attach’ quickly to the lashline. Last, apply the lash directly on top of the lashline – no gaps.

Peter Magro (Pony & Pins), Hair expert


  1. When straightening your hair, go over each small section once slowly to lock in moisture rather than repeatedly going over it quickly which dries out the hair. And also make sure your hair is dry first.
  2. Before hitting the beach or pool, coat your hair in a salon quality conditioner or treatment to protect your colour.
  3. For the perfect ponytail, smooth out any lumps and bumps with a toothbrush, gliding slowly over the top. The same toothbrush can also be used to tame fly away hair by spraying a little hairspray on it before lightly brushing through.
  4. If you run out of dry shampoo, a quality light hold hair spray is a great replacement. Just lightly spray in the roots and brush through while blow-drying.

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