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Beauty Insider: Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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It used to be that the subject of anti-wrinkle injections split the room, but the statistics today tell another story.

Whereas five to 10 years ago, having these procedures done was a guilty secret, nowadays they are widely accepted.

Many women are interested in but understandably wary about anti-wrinkle injections—their questions ranging from ‘will it hurt?’ to ‘will my face look frozen?’. We sent our CEO and Founder Amanda Whitley inside Clear Complexions to find out.


An injectable anti-wrinkle treatment involves receiving injections into specific areas of the face and neck to weaken the muscle movement, preventing the muscles from contracting to form the wrinkle.

As Clear Complexions’ Suzie Hoitink explains, “muscles talk to each other through neural transmitters. They send a chemical from one muscle fibre to another, telling them to contract.

“Anti-wrinkle injections essentially stop the chemical being able to communicate between the two muscles. There’s nothing wrong with the muscles, they’re just not getting the signal to contract.”

Anti-wrinkle injections generally last three months, with some clients having a slightly shorter effect, and others longer.


Suzie says many clients come to Clear Complexions to fix the ‘angry looking lines’ between their eyebrows. Softening the ‘crow’s feet’ lines around the eyes and those ‘worry lines’ on the forehead are also a common requests.

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to minimise ‘scrunch lines’ on the nose, the downturn of the mouth, the ‘witchy chin’ and a ‘veiny’ looking neck.

They can also be used to treat teeth grinding, excessive sweating and migraines!


Before there’s even a needle in sight you will need to have a consultation with a medical practitioner‚ possibly via Skype—this has been approved The Medical Board of Australia since October 2016. Anti-wrinkle injections are classified as Schedule 4 medications and this is the law.

Before commencing the procedure, a full face assessment is performed by an experienced practitioner, usually a registered nurse. This is a crucial element that ensures you get a natural, refreshed look rather than a ‘frozen’ expression.


Amanda, immediately before treatment, showing her forehead lines.

Amanda is 45-years-old and is our CEO and Founder. She explains why she was interested in testing anti-wrinkle injections:

“Now that I’m sneaking up on 50, I’m noticing more and more fine lines on my face. Most of these don’t worry me all that much, I like a bit of character. What I really, really don’t like are the lines at the sides of my mouth that pull my lips down at the corners and make me look angry (when I’m actually a pretty happy person!).

“Not necessarily face-related, but relevant, is the fact that I was diagnosed with early Menopause last year. That’s not only had an impact on my skin, body size and shape, but also my body image, self-esteem and how ‘old’ I feel. I really want to feel happier when I look in the mirror.”


Amanda before anti-wrinkle injections.

Amanda’s assessment revealed that she would benefit from treatment in various areas of her face—starting with her forehead.

Amanda had a number of injections around her hairline, above and between her eyebrows to soften the ‘tram tracks’ caused by frowning (or, as she likes to think, intense concentration).

She also had injections around the eyes to soften crow’s feet— careful placement and dosage ensuring she retained movement and the ability to smile.

The issues Amanda was most concerned about were the ‘marionette lines’ at either side of her mouth. Small doses of anti-wrinkle injections into the DAO muscles—triangular muscles which pull the corners of the mouth down—released those muscles and immediately pulled them up a little more.

She also noted that her face shape is changing from oval to square as she ages. Injections into the Mentalis (chin) muscle served to drop the chin down, also acting as a preventative to stop Amanda bringing her chin up and squaring her face off.


Some people are reluctant to have anti-wrinkle injections because there are needles involved. So, does it hurt?

“I’m not going to lie—the needles do sting a little. I mean, they’re needles,” says Amanda.

“Some areas of the face are more tender than others. But I didn’t have—nor feel I needed—any anaesthetic on the area, and Suzie simply advised to wiggle my toes if it became uncomfortable.

“But honestly? A flu shot, for example, is about 10 times worse.”


Anti-wrinkle injections aren’t an instant fix—it takes at least a few days until they start to take effect. But at Amanda’s review consultation, one week after her treatment, the results were obvious.

Amanda after anti-wrinkle injections.

“After a few days, I could start to see the effects of the injections, particularly around my brow area—there was a subtle but noticeable lift.

“Now that the effects have fully kicked in I have to say I am so happy—particularly with my lower face. While I still have lightly visible lines either side of my mouth (which is absolutely natural when you’re 45) I no longer look as if I’m permanently angry, and my chin seems to have relaxed more into its previous oval shape.

“All-in-all, I look like me but fresher—and in no way frozen!’

Amanda trying her hardest to frown, hence the look of acute concentration!


As each person’s experience with injectables will differ, pricing is advised to each individual client after consultation.

Amanda’s iPhone selfie, taken nearly three weeks after treatment.


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This is a sponsored post but opinions remain the author’s own. The author received her treatments free of charge from Clear Complexions for review purposes. It complies with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s guidelines on Online Reviews. Read our Sponsored Post Policy if you would like more information.


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