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Beauty Road Test: Thai Bliss Therapeutic Massage

Beatrice Smith

I used to think massages were kind of like cars: your ride could be a second-hand Corolla or an Italian Ferrari but as long as the engine works both will get you from A to B in generally the same way. I now realise that people who think that must have never been in a Ferrari.

Because after having the opportunity to road test a complete set of massages at Thai Bliss Therapeutic Massage I have now experienced the Ferrari of massage establishments, and there’s just no going back to that Corolla.


This is a sponsored post from Thai Bliss Therapeutic Massage.


As soon as I stepped into the sanctuary-like shopfront, I was warmly greeted by Chom, owner of Thai Bliss. As we sat on the lounge surrounded by Thai objects, including a fascinating elephant sandstone display, she shared with me her dream when opening the business five years ago – to create a luxurious and blissful massage experience for Canberra.


Chom says that while a quality massage is key, superior customer service is imperative. “You must not only satisfy the customer’s high expectations, but exceed them.”

And it seems that the word is out that Thai Bliss is THE place in Canberra for a massage – it’s regularly patronised by politicians and local celebrities. But on this occasion? It was me getting the VIP treatment.

As I sipped my cup of Thai Bael fruit tea, served in an exotic Thai elephant tea set, Chom walked me through my treatment for the day. I would start with a half an hour Foot Reflexology Massage, followed by a 90-minute Stone Massage with hot aromatherapy essential oil.


TB tea pot

For the first session, I was offered a choice between Honey Centella Body Polish (ideal for combination/oily skin) and Khamin Bliss Body Cream (beneficial for dehydrated skin) scrub, of which I chose the latter. These two products were created by Chom’s own brand, Chom and Paul, made in Thailand and produced from both premium local and imported ingredients, such as honey from France and rose water from Israel.

I also had the opportunity to sample some of Chom and Paul’s hand creams, including the Bliss Jasmine and Spicy Tamarind, all of which you can purchase at Thai Bliss.

For my Stone Massage, I was presented with a row of eight colourful ceramic phials containing pure essential oil, which I sampled for the scent ideal for my massage. There was also a pamphlet illustrating the properties of these scented oils, which illustrate the different properties of each; ranging from refreshing, relaxation to energise and reinvigorate. Having sampled of all of them I chose Moke (a traditional Thai flower, shaped as a star and known to be a potent stress reliever).


Following the walkthrough, Chom then introduced me to my wonderful Thai therapist, who took my shoes and offered me a fresh pair of slippers to pop on instead. And my journey to serenity began.


I was gently guided into the therapy section of Thai Bliss, where I was greeted by a large high-ceilinged hallway dotted with candle lights, lying neatly on a line of bedrocks. My therapist showed me to my therapy room, which was fitted with Japanese rice paper screen, and dimly lit, creating an intimate environment. She politely requested I remove my outer clothes and don on the soft cotton robe provided.


Having complied, I was shown to a reclining armchair in a separate area of the hallway and asked to put my feet into a bath of sudsy warm water. A roll pillow was placed behind my neck and a lightly scented eye mask expertly placed over my eyes. Then she gently draped a blanket over my entire body and reclined my armchair so that I was comfortably lying flat while she began rinsing and washing my feet and calves.

She then wrapped them in warm towels for a little while to loosen the muscle, before unwrapping them to begin the massage, which was a blend of scrub motions and focused massage. The sense of relaxation it gave was the perfect way to ease into a long massage session – rather like the red carpet to my Ferrari.

After half an hour of attention to my equally pampered pins, my legs and feet were gently wiped down with hot towels and my slippers replaced. I was ready for my next session – the Stone Massage with hot oil.


I must confess, prior to this road test, I had already heard good things about massages at Thai Bliss, so my expectations were high. But true to Chom’s word, my expectations were exceeded. The massage itself was heavenly; my personal therapist was incredibly attentive to what pressure I required and what areas I would like her to focus on.

At the beginning of the massage, before the hot oil and stones were applied, she was wonderfully thorough and relieved the tension and stubborn knots from my back and shoulders. The hot oil and hot stones were perfect in temperature and I especially liked the finishing touch of face and scalp massage and the traditional Thai stretching massages at the very end. The treatment reinvigorated me with every gliding stroke, and my body felt like an al dente piece of spaghetti after my massage and I felt completely (Thai) blissed out for the rest of the day.

Stone massageweb1

Before, during and after my Stone Massage, Thai Bliss continued to surprise me with little touches that made all the difference. The soft, luxuriant towels, the enormous massage bed, the bowl of frangipani floating in scented water that greet you through the face-cradle – all added special touches to my Thai Bliss experience. The only difficult part of the experience was trying not to fall asleep during my massage, as I didn’t want to miss one moment of it.


Before parting, Chom told me that there is also a special couple’s room available, and that the rice paper doors in each room can be slid open to adjoining rooms, allowing you to share the Thai Bliss experience with your significant other, friend or family member.

I’d recommend Thai Bliss to anyone looking for an incredibly luxurious and fulfilling massage experience that starts as soon as you walk in the door.

The essentials

What: Thai Bliss Therapeutic Massage’s Foot Reflexology and Stone Massage with hot oil
Where: 14 Childers Street, Canberra City
Book: 02 6262 9297
How much: Pricing is available on the Thai Bliss Therapeutic Massage website. Gift certificates are also available.

This is a sponsored post but opinions are the author’s own. It complies with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission’s guidelines on Online ReviewsRead our Sponsored Post Policy if you would like more information.

The author received her treatments free of charge from Thai Bliss Therapeutic Massage.


Beatrice Smith

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