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Beauty roadtest: Clear + Brilliant for sunspots

Kate Edwards

A spot-on treatment for pigmentation!

The problem – sunspots/pigmentation

If you’ve reached a certain age, spent a bit of time in the sun, been on the pill or gone through pregnancy, chances are you have some pigmentation – otherwise known as sun-spots. Having done all of the above, I certainly do.

So when I contacted Clear Complexions and booked in for their mandatory skin consultation, that was the biggest issue I had with my skin. And, as it turns out, it was way bigger than I thought.

The Clear Complexions reception in Woden.

The Clear Complexions reception in Woden.

The lovely nurse who greeted me, Louise, ushered me into a private room where, using state-of-the-art imaging software, she was able to generate images of my blood supply, melanin (pigmentation) and sun damage to my face up to 2mm below the surface of my skin.

Turns out that those annoying little brown spots that were starting to appear on my face were just the tip of the iceburg. Lurking underneath my skin were huge brown patches just waiting to surface and completely distort my complexion. And, according to Louise, it was simply a matter of time before they did.

Without seeing those images and having an understanding of what was going on underneath my skin, I would never have realised how serious my pigmentation issue was.

Moment of truth – state-of-the-art imaging software tells you exactly what’s going on underneath your skin.

Moment of truth – state-of-the-art imaging software tells you exactly what’s going on underneath your skin.

“Exactly,” agrees Suzie Hoitink, Founder of Clear Complexions, Registered Nurse and the skincare industry guru. “That’s why we insist that every client we see, goes through this procedure with a qualified nurse. Not only can we pick up issues that are potentially serious, it allows us to formulate a specific treatment plan that will get you the best possible, long-term results.”

Makes perfect sense to me and now that I’m painfully aware of the fate that is awaiting my skin, I’m ready to do whatever it takes to change it.

The solution: Clear + Brilliant

Louise tells me that because my damage is so deeply layered and so pervasive, it’s going to take a few treatments to penetrate each layer. Her number one recommendation is the Fraxel re:store® Dual laser treatment because it is able to treat my pigmentation on a deep level. But because it would need around four days down time, I opt for what she describes as the “little sister” to a Fraxel – a Clear + Brilliant.

This wonder machine is about to give my skin a beauty boost! Bring it!

This wonder machine is about to give my skin a beauty boost! Bring it!

Prior to the treatment, she applies an anaesthetic gel to numb my skin. The procedure itself is not so much painful as a feeling of slight discomfort – but certainly nothing unbearable. Afterwards, I’m taken to another room where I’m put under an Omnilux machine. The pretty lights are mesmerising, but what it’s doing is speeding up my skin’s recovery and stimulating collagen and elastin to give my skin an extra glow. What’s not to love?

Afterwards I look like I’ve got pretty severe sunburn from the Clear + Brilliant, but Louise is able to disguise it a little with some minerals makeup.

The results

The next day, my skin is a bit flaky and dry. But by day three, my skin positively glows, the minor spots have mostly disappeared altogether and the darker more stubborn spots have significantly faded. And about a week afterwards, I’m getting heaps of comments about how “refreshed” my skin looks! When I go for my complimentary skin review, Louise assures me that with the right skincare and a few more treatments, the brown spots will fade even more.

The verdict

So would I have a Clear + Brilliant again? Absolutely. I can definitely see the improvement to my sunspots, but it’s also given my skin and overall complexion a huge boost. Louise tells me that a lot of clients get a Clear + Brilliant and an Omnilux if they have an important event coming up. But, she says, make sure you have it at least a week beforehand to ensure that your skin is looking it’s absolute best for your big event.

One thing that really hit home was the importance of finding out what was happening underneath my skin with a Clear Complexions skin analysis. So if you feel brave enough to gaze into a crystal ball and see what your skin will look like in ten or twenty years, do it before it’s too late. Because once you can see the future, you can, absolutely, change it.

See how it works here…

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the essentials

What: Clear + Brilliant from Clear Complexions
Where: Bruce, Woden and Gungahlin – visit the website for clinic details
When: Visit the website for clinic opening hours

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The author received her treatments free of charge from Clear Complexions.

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