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Beauty Roadtest: Erica Aesthetic’s Nurse’s Consultation

Jessica Schumann
Medik8 Samples (Erica's Aesthetics)

My new friends to help keep my skin ‘watered’ daily.

Us women, we like to look after ourselves. It might be a regular appointment at the hairdressers, a morning (and hopefully) nighttime skin care routine…or for those really dedicated to the cause, some routine landscaping (if you know what you mean).

But while you’re to be commended for however it is you look after yourself, let’s take a closer look at your skincare routine. You probably use a moisturiser, cleanser and dare I say it—toner…I’m probably pushing it by suggesting an anti-ageing serum too?

Even if you use all those things, I can bet you your last dollar that you’re skincare routine doesn’t include a product dedicated to hydrating your face. And no I don’t mean drinking eight glasses of water a day.

I’m talking about hydrating your skin by actually ‘watering’ it. You know like flowers in a garden bed.

No need to sit there scratching your head, wondering when I’ll be admitted for talking crazy talk just allow me to introduce you to a new little friend I like to call Medik8 Hyrd8.

We met at Erica’s Aesthetics in the city a couple of weeks ago while laying in a treatment room with the effervescent Emma, her thick British accent and 20-plus years in the industry where I learnt about why it’s important to keep my skin hydrate while applying, ‘painting’ and massaging a selection of cosmeceuticals into my face all in the space of 30 minutes.

Erica's Aesthetics

Erica’s Aesthetics has treatment rooms in two convenient locations – Kingston (left) and Glebe Park Apartments, Civic (right).

But I gather I’ve lost you at the long word beginning with C? Cosme-what? Cosmeceuticals.

“A cosmetic, [your standard over the counter products including the ones you buy from high end stores], can only treat your dead layer of skin it cannot do any more than that. By law it can’t because it’s not allowed to travel past your epidermis,” Emma explains.

MediK8 is a range of a cosmeceuticals – all our products are cosmeceuticals here in fact, but what it means is that it has tiny molecules that can treat the dermis from within.”

Hmm…no wonder I’ve struggled to a get deep clean in my pores.


Time for my close up.

Emma continues with the cleanse, she asks about my skin and any recent observations, from allergies through to appearance and even hair growth to determine which products to use throughout the mini-treatment and to recommend the appropriate follow up treatments. Identifying a few concerns, Emma also makes some suggested changes to my skincare routine and I make a mental note to follow up on a few other matters.

Medik8 Products

The suite of Medik8 cosmeceuticals used throughout my consultation with Emma.

Using the Medik8 Daily Dual Action Pore Refining scrub, Emma explains the difference between cleaning with cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.

“Because it [the scrub] has a salicylic acid in it, it removes a lot of the muck from your pores by ‘melting’ the skin cells off shall we say without me having to scrub too hard. Scrubbing too hard can cause broken capillaries so I’m not a big believer of *csch csch csch*,” says Emma emulating a scrubbing motion across her face, a motion which can actually cause a fair bit of damage to what is otherwise the body’s largest and quite a delicate organ.

“When you put a person’s face, their skin, under a beau visage machine it takes a camera shot of 2mm down into the skin and you can actually see finger marks splayed across a person’s face from where they’ve scrubbed, which can cause damage.”

Emma then applies a mask suited to my skin type—and there’s a few too: sensitive, oily, dry, ageing and leaves it on for about 10 minutes before pulling out her favourite little goodie, the Medik8 Hyrdr8 B5 to which she applies generously to my face, (although using this at home I’m told to just use a few drops as it will go a long way), three times. Apparently, I’ve thirsty skin which makes me think the dryness I’ve been noticing of a morning is like that of the parched, sun-drenched outback.

“It’s basically neat hyaluronic and vitamin B5—a skin rehydration serum that attracts moisture and it gives you that volume,” says Emma.


This little buddy will help keep your face hydrated with a little ‘watering’ each day.

It’s more or less like throwing a glass of water on your dermis, (which is very much like a sponge).

“The reason why your skin looks so much better is because I’ve given it a drink; an instant drink. Then I’ve just used a vitamin A cream for a day cream which is very anti-ageing and very good for the skin.”

Emma suggests a couple of other products to benefit my skin including the Red Alert serum which will help to correct any redness (something I’m all too familiar with being a redhead) and even out skin tone as well.

While redness maybe something I need to live with it, I’ve fortunately been blessed with a clear complexion that rarely ever sees a bad breakout and so on this basis Emma suggests a basic maintenance that includes a skin peel and regular facial to help me relax.

“I like to do a lot of massage in my treatments,” says Emma. “The reason being is because shifting the blood around the skin is the best thing to do, but I like to pull-up around the neck and shoulders, and around the eyes because many of us sit looking at computers all day so it relieves the tension carried in these areas.”

It’s called a nurse’s consultation and in just half an hour, Emma, a qualified nurse with 20 years experience in the industry will identify the skincare treatment that you need to revitalise, replenish or repair your skin but all within your budget. For Emma, it’s not about committing you to spending countless dollars but finding a solution to help you feel good in the skin you’re in and myth bust any wayward and crazy old wives tales that you might have picked up along the way.

Just ask her about nail polish remover and pimples…

The essentials

What:  Nurse’s Consultation
Where: Erica’s Aesthetics, Glebe Park Apartments Civic
Who: Gen Y through to Baby Boomers
How much: $40 for a half hour consult
Book: Phone 6162 1572 (Civic) or 6162 4199 (Kingston) to make an appointment or book online.

 The author received her nurse’s consultation courtesy of Erica’s Aesthetics. 


Jessica Schumann

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