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Beauty Tricks and Tips for Autumn/Winter

Laura Peppas

We have some good and bad news.

The bad news, in the words of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, is that winter is coming. The good news? It’s an excuse to shake up your makeup and beauty routine for the better. We spoke to make up artist Georgie Maguire from YSL at David Jones and Canberra Centre’s Beauty Bar for her tips and tricks for the new season.

1. Switch with the season.

It’s important to change your skincare routine in winter, says Georgie: foundation should be a shade lighter, and you should go for a richer day cream to combat dryness. “Skincare is a very important step – if you don’t look after your skin, your makeup won’t hold,” she says. “I would absolutely recommend a nice hydrating serum and primer and to increase your exfoliating routine if you’ve got really dry skin. You should still wear a foundation with at least SPF 15, as Canberra still gets a lot of sun in the cooler months.”

YSL Insta

Soft makeup is a winner this season. Image: YSL Instagram

2. Go for bold.

When it comes to lips, the bolder the better. A big, bold red lip in a plum or burgundy adds a pop of colour against a neutral winter wardrobe, but if you’re not quite brave enough, there are other options. “We can do a couture lip, which is a glossy lip but not as strong,” says Georgie.

3. The highlighting pen is your best friend.

“Our highlighting is one of our best-selling products,” says Georgie. “I like to use it under eyes, over cheeks and above the lip. I usually ask the client which area they want to focus on and then work with that.”

Add a pop of colour to your lips. Image: YSL Instagram.

Add a pop of colour to your lips. Image: YSL Instagram.

4. Style your eyes.

Pastels don’t always have to be reserved for spring – get colourful in winter with soft violets, greens and pink hues to brighten up your peepers. “You can mix these shades with silver for a cooler contrast,” says Georgie.

5. Minimal is in.

Keep faces clean and fresh rather than over-contouring, says Georgie. “I’ve noticed at the moment people are going for a clean, glowy complexion – so quite minimal in terms of blush and bronzers – it’s overall a nice foundation and then they’re either going for a bold lip or a pastel eye. It’s more of a focus on more healthy, glowy skin.”


the essentials

What: Canberra Centre’s Beauty Bar
Where: Outside Witchery on Level 1
When: From 11am to 4.30pm on Saturday 14 May and Saturday 25 June. Please note a selection of Canberra Centre’s retailers will host the bar from 11am – however, not all retailers will be available at all times.
How much: Free
Web: http://blog.canberracentre.com.au/events/get-pampered-at-our-pop-up-beauty-bar/

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