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Bone Days: Zaric X Luke Chiswell

Georgia Mackay

 ZARIC jewellery, designed by local creative Nastja Zaric, is all about bringing wearable art and individuality back to fashion.

Nastja normally designs small, colourful seasonal collections that are handmade in her travelling studio, however, she recently teamed up with local designer Luke Chiswell to create a unisex collection. The collection, called BONE DAYS, was launched last week at The Hamlet in Braddon.


“The small eight piece collection consists of four earring styles, and four necklaces along with a few one-off wall hangings,” explains Nastja.

“Luke and I are close friends and have wanted to collaborate for a while now, we worked hard to ensure that the collection was a natural and balanced combination of our skills and aesthetics.”


Zaric and Chiswell

ZARIC collections are primarily ceramics, and are a process of exploration in textures, playful shapes and colour. Nastja also uses up-cycled materials including gemstones, recycled leather, ceramics and metals.


“My work is generally very colourful and feminine, whereas Luke often sticks to a strict colour palate and unisex styles. Bones are a symbol Luke has used in his work before, and the idea of ceramic “teeth” is recurring in my jewellery,” says Nastja.

“We combined these symbols and limited the colour palate to give a more real representation of our concept.”


The collection has just been launched online and can be viewed and purchased via the website.

Find out more about ZARIC jewellery here and Luke Chiswell here

Georgia Mackay

Georgia has just completed her degree in Communications and is excited to have the opportunity to intern with HerCanberra. Georgia was born and bred in Canberra and has a passion for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She also, like many of the HerCanberra girls, enjoys great food and coffee and loves discovering new places to eat and drink in Canberra! Georgia is a true Canberra advocate and is excited about, among other things, the development of the creative scene in our capital. She believes Canberra is an exciting place for people of all ages to be at the moment and thinks it is only getting better. More about the Author

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