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Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down yo- ugh what’s wrong with your hair?

Samara Gentle

As a natural brunette I tend to colour my hair – a lot. I’m what you might call an avid “hair colourer”.

For years I’ve been colouring my hair blonde which you would suspect leaves my hair dryer than usual and more damaged than if I just let my colour natural be. Add to that some heat and regular hair straightening and you’d be right to wonder why I’m not kinder to my tresses…?

The thing is most of us are guilty of doing it.

Whenever I visit my hairdresser to have foils done, a treatment mask is always applied following the colour to help repair some of the damage. But as I’m getting older, I’m beginning to notice how my hair quality changes each day as a result of different environmental factors – weather, lights, air pollution…It all affects the health of your hair. From split ends to lack of shine (aka lustre), how we style and the products we put in our hair can play havoc on the one thing we’re trying to achieve — beautiful luxurious hair.

So I’ve started to invest in products that can be used at home for a little extra help in the repairing process rather than rely on my regular 6-weekly hair appointment.

Here are my top three for those whose damaged hair is in need of repair…

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – $49

This one is a leave-in treatment, so don’t wash it out like you would your normal deep conditioners. Perfect for if you’re a serial straightener or blow-dryer as it helps to protect against heat damage.

Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner – $30

Filled with bionutrient vanilla bean, this is a product where less is more, providing renewed shine and optimum nourishment and resulting in better hair quality. While you’re tempted to use a whole dollop in your hand, you really only need a minimal amount. Think the size of a 10 cent coin.

Redken Extreme Strength Builder, Fortifying Hair Mask – $30

Having invested in various Redken products over the years, I’ve always found them value for money. This Fortifying Hair Mask in particular went a long way in helping repair my damaged locks, adding extra strength that they once had. Ideal for a girly night in or Sunday afternoon at home — pop it on along with a movie, leave in for as long as possible and then rinse.

Do you have your own hair treatment(s) you like to do at home? We’d love to hear them…Just leave a comment below.

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Samara Gentle

Samara is a Canberra based freelance makeup artist who specialises in bridal and event makeup but loves the creativity of fashion and editorial. She has a passion for sharing her pro knowledge and seeing other women embrace makeup to help share their personal style. More about the Author

  • Cat

    Olive oil! Rub it into your hair, leave for ten minutes, then shampoo out. Simple.

  • Nice products, Samara! I am very interested to test out the Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner. It sounds very good for my type of hair. I always try to keep heat damage to the lowest. Thanks for the product reviews!

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