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Georgia Mackay

Sick of buying clothes online only for them to arrive and not fit the way they should?

Forget too-high hems and ill fitting sleeves, Canberra based Chan Peiris and her mother Pushpa Fernando are changing the way we buy our clothes through their online business, Destined.

“Destined was established to fill a gap in the fashion market,” explains Chan. “It enables women to order clothes online that are guaranteed to fit, regardless of body type or age.”

In doing this, Destined removes the risks associated with the majority of online shopping, where the customer has to guess what might fit from sizes that can vary wildly.

“I feel fortunate to be able to contribute towards building a company that genuinely cares about their customers and the quality of service,” says Chan. Destined is based in Florey, Canberra, however Chan’s mother Pushpa lives in Sri Lanka and is in charge of Destined’s talented group of local tailors, who she trains supports and nurtures.

“We have control over every step of production and our operation is about increasing the capacity and wellbeing of those who work with us.”

Most importantly, Destined does everything it can to reduce harm to the environment by aiming for as little waste as possible. “We use the excess material to make clothes for children in need in local communities,” explains Chan.

After researching and market testing, Destined developed a simple and easy way to shop online, and is the first retailer in Australia to provide this service.

  1. The consumer registers their measurements on Destined’s website
  2. The consumer shops from Destined’s range of dresses, tops, jackets, pants, skirts and more
  3. The consumer orders
  4. Destined’s master tailors custom make the garments and deliver within two weeks

In addition, Destined has a ‘Design your own Garment’ option. Simply email a description of what you want, or send a photo of a design and the team will get back to you within 48 hours with a quote and link to order.

Chan believes Destined is the solution to a problem that has existed for women for decades. The ‘Perfect Fit Guarantee’ means customers can avoid the worry and hassle of exchanging, returning or spending more money on alterations, and if a mistake is made, the tailors will remake the garment at no extra cost or return a full refund to the customer.

“Our mission is to be the company that offers women a chance to express their individuality in what they wear, by providing a perfect fit regardless of their body type.”

For more information head to Destined’s website: destinedtofityou.com/how-it-works

Image via destinedtofityou.com

Georgia Mackay

Georgia has just completed her degree in Communications and is excited to have the opportunity to intern with HerCanberra. Georgia was born and bred in Canberra and has a passion for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She also, like many of the HerCanberra girls, enjoys great food and coffee and loves discovering new places to eat and drink in Canberra! Georgia is a true Canberra advocate and is excited about, among other things, the development of the creative scene in our capital. She believes Canberra is an exciting place for people of all ages to be at the moment and thinks it is only getting better. More about the Author

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