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FASHFEST 2015: Closing Night

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So that’s it for another year. Fashfest 2015’s Closing Night was all about ‘The Engineer’, a theme focusing on designers who challenge the norms of design and push the limits of the creative process. These forward looking designers were Corr Blimey, Assemblage Project, Cameron and James, Simone Perele, Zilpah Tart, Boho Bird and the CIT All Star showcase.

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The driver intent on taking design beyond its limits. The engineer pushes the boundaries of what is possible in design, predicting the future, building on precedent. With eyes firmly pointed toward the heavens, this forward-looking designer takes risks and drives culture.

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Ashley Feraude aka Magnifik brought together three distinctive voices on two original productions: Kayo Marbilus’ hip hop, Cris Clucas’ soul and Chanel Cole’s cabaret delivering a package of exquisite electronic soul. Not to be out done, the two energetic performers behind Mondecreen took the crowd on a unique DJ and vocal journey of contrasting styles and techniques.

Zilpah Tart

Zilpah Tart’s garments are designed around using feminine silhouettes to flatter the female form and the ‘Warrior’ collection was inspired by Canberra itself. Prints were derived from the architecture of iconic buildings such as Parliament House and Canberra Centre fountain, with a blue, gold and black colour palette dominating.

The collection spanned workwear, evening and day wear, and was all about the waist: peplum coats, dresses and skirts defined the female form.

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15.05.16 Zilpah Tart_06_web

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Boho Bird

Birdnest’s Boho Bird was the fourth offering from the Cooma-based online giant during Fashfest, and really showcased the label’s diversity. The collection had a bohemian vibe – colourful prints, maxis and day dresses – styled with bangles and feathered necklaces. The pieces were relaxed and romantic—a collection of ethereal and whimsical yet practical pieces. A pair of gold wide leg pants were favourites, having the potential to be dressed up or down.

15.05.16 Boho Bird_06_web

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Cameron and James

The Cameron & James label designs contemporary menswear with a focus on sustainability and eco fabrics and ethical production techniques. The collection had a primal aesthetic; models’ hands and feet were dipped in white and black while their faces bore differing ‘masks’. Masculine silhouettes and relaxed shapes – including drop crotch pants – defined the pieces, while marble print detailing was beautiful in its simplicity.

15.05.16 Cameron & James_01_web

15.05.16 Cameron & James_06_web

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CIT All Star showcase

CIT designers were back on the catwalk on final night, in an ‘All Star showcase’ of designers from previous nights. Mimetic, The Label, Ziyah, MAAK, Little Jane Lane and Illusory Cog took centre stage in a segment which demonstrated what a powerhouse CIT is in nurturing serious talent. Coloured, pinned hair, geisha lips and glitter brows brought disparate collections together in a cohesive and impressive whole.

15.05.16 CIT_07_web

15.05.16 CIT_06_web

15.05.16 CIT_05_web

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Assemblage Project

Assemblage Project presented a collection of interesting garments that transcend age, body shape and culture. Monochromatic contemporary designs played with draping and layering in oversized silhouettes perfect for the woman’s body. Reversible pieces, texture, large buttons, high necklines and attention to detail defined a cohesive collection.

15.05.16 Assemblage Project_06_web

15.05.16 Assemblage Project_05_web

15.05.16 Assemblage Project_04_web

15.05.16 Assemblage Project_03_web

15.05.16 Assemblage Project_02_web

15.05.16 Assemblage Project_01_web

Corr Blimey

Corr Blimey is one of Canberra’s most well-known and long-standing independent fashion design labels, and their Propaganda collection showed why, playing with form and structure with architectural designs. A colour palette of black, white, grey, denim blue and red wine were showcased in tailored and simple designs that created strong silhouettes. From a power-shouldered felt crop to a soft and flowing knit dress and full length jackets, Corr Blimey presented a wearable and covetable collection, complemented by Silver Atom jewellery.

15.05.16 Corr Blimey & Silver Atom_06_web

15.05.16 Corr Blimey & Silver Atom_05_web

15.05.16 Corr Blimey & Silver Atom_04_web

15.05.16 Corr Blimey & Silver Atom_03_web

15.05.16 Corr Blimey & Silver Atom_02_web

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The show ended in a parade of everyone who had made FASHFEST 2015 a reality: the producers, the hair and make up artists, the models and more – all receiving their well-earned moment of glory. Let’s do it all again next year, shall we?

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15.05.16 Finale_08_web

15.05.16 Finale_07_web

15.05.16 Finale_06_web

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Photography: Rebecca Doyle Photography


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