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FASHFEST 2016 Beauty Wrap

Debby Harrington

What a beauty extravaganza.

FASHFEST hair and makeup artists wowed us for another year with exceptional hairstyles and glamorous makeup. The creative geniuses started working on this year’s event almost as soon as last year’s one finished and the results were sensational from smoky eyes to a statement lip, braids and beehives.

The makeup artists led by Director of Makeup, Diana Cheetham, and Creative Director of Makeup, Katie Saarikko; and the hair team led by Director of Hair, Darren Jones and Creative Director of Hair, Craig Rhodes, liaised with the designers to get their brief and then came up with ideas to complement the fashion.

Diana and Craig say FASHFEST is a great opportunity for hair and makeup artists to gain backstage experience rarely available and to branch out from what they do day to day.

The smoky eye was definitely a recurring look utilising makeup sponsor Harlotte Cosmetics’ signature products to create something a little sultry. The specially designed lashes for FASHFEST – the Fashfest Double Lash were the perfect partner and could be seen from every seat in the house.


Sure to be a feature throughout spring and summer is the statement lip and we saw it in everything from red to purple and black. If you’re hoping to emulate this look, which I highly recommend, the on-trend colour is berry – a dark but rich colour that certainly makes a statement.

Some shows opted for a paired back beauty look, letting the clothing do the talking but then we had orange foreheads, sparkly ponytails and beehives that could be spotted for miles.


I loved the sleeked back ponytails for an effortless look, that’s simple to recreate and I can never go past a braid with so many beautiful ones on show.

By far the most elaborate look of the event was for Zilpah Tart.


Bold blue, white and terracotta eyeshadow in a winged design was only topped by drawn on eyelashes on the cheekbones. The cute little dot of blush topped the look off perfectly.

My favourite hairstyle was the sleeked back high ponytail wrapped up in a black ribbon for dramatic and sensational effect, for Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie.

A recurring feature throughout the show was the highlighted cheekbones. It’s here to stay all spring and summer and is just so effortlessly beautiful.

To get the look, use a highlighter across the high points of the cheekbone and even around above the edge of your eyebrows for a glowing face.


Speaking to Diana Cheetham on closing night, she said she was happy with how everything came together.

“I’ve been told by Clint and Andrea (the co-founders of FASHFEST) and a lot of guests that it has been one of the most epic FASHFESTs that they’ve seen, so hopefully that means everything that everybody’s done on the creative side has all pulled together really well,” she said.

“Every year it seems to get better and every year we learn from the mistakes and every year we change it and we’re nailing it, well we’re starting to anyway.”


“Some of my favourite looks were the signature Harlotte look, with the beautiful smoky, just lovely pretty faces and I’ve loved that we’ve had so many avant-garde looks as well where we can really show off what makeup artists can do.”

FASHFEST certainly revealed what Canberras creatives are capable of and I look forward to them topping it next year – that’ll be a challenge.

All photography by Martin Ollman


Debby Harrington

Debby is a journalist by trade who grew up in Perth before making her way to Canberra. As long as she can remember, her mother has always followed a beauty routine methodically, morning and night, which is where Debby developed her taste for the world of beauty. Debby loves trying new products and can’t live without lip balm, sunscreen and concealer. She also has her own blog featuring all things fashionable and beautiful so check out www.debbywithawhy.com.au. More about the Author

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