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Five things to consider when building a healthy home

Beatrice Smith

It used to be that creating something beautiful that was also kind on the wallet was top of the priority list when it came to building a new home.

But things have changed. For many modern buyers, ensuring their home will make the least possible impact on the environment is now at the forefront, with aspects like appliances, air-conditioning and heating and gardening systems all being taken into account by potential buyers and builders.

So what should you consider when creating a healthy home? We talked to Danny Caputo from Natura Homes – a Canberra based company that specialises in sustainable and healthy homes – to find out.

#1 The air

Danny says that sometimes it’s the things you don’t think to consider that matter most. “Some questions to ask your builder might: are there major industry hubs or roads nearby that will cause environmental pollution in the air? Are there trees around that blossom in spring and do you have family members who will be affected by the pollen?”

The quality of air should inform your choices as to whether you need a built in air filtering system in your home. Air filtering can help reduce allergens, pollens and pollution within your home, which could make a big difference.

“This will bring you comfortable living and safety, as well as being energy efficient, reducing your overall [energy] bills,” says Danny.

#2 The land

This may seem like an obvious one – you probably chose the land based on its proximity to services, but there’s more to consider than just the park over the road.

“The history of the land on which you’re about to build is important, especially when choosing building materials,” explains Danny.

Finding out if there’s a history of asbestos on the property is a good start, but finding out if there’s excess moisture can also be just as handy to combat things like mould and rising damp.

#3 Reading up on ‘sustainable’ homes

Everyone wants as efficient and environmentally friendly a home as possible these days, but Danny warns buyers to look past the labels.

“[Standard] energy efficient homes create more air tight buildings, which create high health problems,” explains Danny.

Using a ‘direct air ventilation’ system can be the key to solving this issue, with filtered air being pumped into the home with compromising on the energy efficiency or delivering allergens like an open window.

“Just because a house is energy efficient it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It’s all got to work together.”

#4 The water

“Installing a water purification system as you build can save you time, money and stress in the long run,” says Danny.

Instead of installing a zip tap or filling up multiple filter jugs every day, a water purification system allows the homeowner to control all aspects of the water purification across all taps in their home. Definitely something to consider in rural areas.

#5 Your health

Spending a lot of time planning your ideal home a thrilling experience, but make sure you don’t compromise your existing health in the process!

Building a healthy home will take care of your family’s health in the long run, but take time out of the process to focus on you and your wellbeing.

Building a house should be a pleasure, not a drain, so choose a builder whose work you respect and who will make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

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Beatrice Smith

Bea loves that her job as HerCanberra’s Online Editor involves eating, drinking and interviewing people - sometimes simultaneously. The master of HerCanberra’s publishing schedule, she’s usually found hunched over a huge calendar muttering to herself about content balance. Otherwise, you’ll find her at the movies or ordering a cheese board. More about the Author

  • Caitlin

    I have used Insulpro for insulating my property to make it more energy efficient and clean the roof cavity which is a breeding ground for germs, they were amazing! Such great service and a really reasonable price. It has made such a difference to the efficiency in our home. They can also do LED upgrades and solar hot water system etc that make your home event more efficient and healthy!

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