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Gingerfinch: heirlooms for design lovers

Beatrice Smith

The career of Peita Davis, founder of online homewares store Gingerfinch, is one of extremes.

After leaving Canberra to travel the Middle East in her late teens, Peita Davis moved back to Australia to study and pursue a career focused on Middle Eastern politics. This landed her a role as an intelligence analyst, a job she loved. However, she explains international relations wasn’t her only calling.

“In school and college, art and design was what I loved and was passionate about,” she explains. “I took a different path when I became an analyst, which meant the creative side of me lay dormant for a while.”

In 2012, Peita accompanied her now-husband on a posting to Kenya. It was there that Peita rediscovered this passion, becoming intrigued by the burgeoning Nairobi arts scene.

Peita Davis. Photography: Tim Bean Photography.

“[In Kenya] I had a lot of time on my hands and my creative side began to wake up again,” she explains. Over three years Peita explored marketplaces, met makers and even designed furniture.

Deuce Pitcher/Watering Can, Field Candleholder, TRI Porcelain Serving Set from Gingerfinch.com.au. Photography: Lean Timms.

The seed had been planted and when Peita returned to Canberra and her job as an analyst, she knew she wanted to keep doing something creative. She wanted to build something.

“It was a switch that I couldn’t turn off,” she explains.

The Adventures Of Notebooks, from Gingerfinch.com.au. Photography: Lean Timms.

The next step for Peita was distilling exactly what she wanted that creative pursuit to be. She knew her skill lay in curation, not creation (“I don’t have the artistic talent to ‘make’,” she laughs) and due to her love of travel, she knew that her talent lay in finding beautiful and unique things from all over the world. She also knew that she wanted to build something new and innovative from scratch.

Lava Single Stem Vase from Gingerfinch.com.au. Photography: Lean Timms.

“I started to become obsessed with business in general,” she explains. “It was this concept of building something of my own.”

Soon after, Gingerfinch was born, Peita finally having found a way to blend together her love of travel, design and business. An online store, Gingerfinch offers customers design pieces and homewares from around the world, curated by Peita herself. From plates and water jugs to gorgeous saltshakers and the chicest bottle opener you’ve ever seen, Gingerfinch is a haven for lovers of design. As Peita puts it, “[Gingerfinch] provides the small pieces of the puzzle that turn your house into a home.”

Scandi Melting Mug Candles from Gingerfinch.com.au. Image: R2 Designs.

It’s also a haven for those who care about the origins of their purchases. Each piece is ethically sourced, which for Peita means made with love and care in small batches with fair wages given to makers.

Dash choker and cuff from Gingerfinch.com.au. Image: Soko Jewellery.

“I was very influenced by the design, style and ethics of [European] designers,” she says, explaining that she usually discovers pieces and makers via Instagram or in design stores. She then makes time to meet the makers and, if possible, travel to their workshops to see for herself how the products are made. This will influence her decision to stock their wares.

Deuce Pitcher/ Watering Can from Gingerfinch.com.au. Image: Umbra Shift.

“Where possible I try to find dual-use items that will then have much greater longevity,” she explains. “It’s about reducing waste and creating heirlooms.”

Though it may seem difficult with the amount of covetable products on the Gingerfinch website, Peita doesn’t want people to hoard design pieces for the sake of it.

Tallow Candle (as seen in RealLiving) from Gingerfinch.com.au. Photography: Lean Timms.

“I’m a big believer in buying less, which I know is a bit counterproductive for a shop,” laughs Peita. “But I would much rather my customers find something they love, save up for it, get it and appreciate it forever. For me that’s what Gingerfinch is about.”


Ubbie Stubbie Holders, Stand Up Bottle Opener from Gingerfinch.com.au. Photography: Lean Timms.

Because Gingerfinch is based in Canberra, you can either have your products shipped by 100% carbon neutral delivery service Sendle or arrange to pick them up from Kingston for free.

Scala Artprint from Gingerfinch.com.au. Image: Octaevo.

Browse gifts, homewares and décor items at gingerfinch.com.au.

Feature image: Lean Timms

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