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Hair care: Ever wished your blondes were brighter?

Craig Rhodes

No matter how unbelievably beautiful your blonde is when you first walk out of the salon, over time it dulls, gets darker, brassier and less shiny. Impurities in your water, exposure to the sun, pollution and styling product build-up are just a few of the factors that can make your blonde less than what it was. But with these easy steps to follow below, your blonde tresses will look salon fresh everyday.

Get rid of the buildup

Residue from styling products, air pollution and impurities in your water as well as chlorine and salt water can create a film on your hair making it look dark and dull. Remove the buildup by cleansing your hair once a week with a clarifying shampoo like KEVIN MURPHY Maxi Wash. Think of it like a superfine exfoliant for your dead hair cuticles that you use for added shine.


Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin

UV rays can give your skin a golden glow and they can make your hair turn gold too. To prevent brassiness from creeping into your blondes, wash with a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner followed by a leave-in colour protecting treatment. Redken Colour Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner followed by Redken Radiant 10 fits the bill perfectly.


Get touched up more often

As your hair grows out the regrowth line between previously coloured and virgin hair becomes blurry. This makes accurate retouching more difficult and overlapping can occur (a large factor in the cause of hair breakage). Book your next appointment when you’re in the salon to ensure you get back for your retouch at the right time.

Blonde Hair salon touchup

Refresh between appointments

Blonde shades are delicate. Even when handled gently, these tones are likely to shift or fade after a few weeks. To keep your best possible blonde, tone between visits with a coloured treatment like KEVIN MURPHY Blonde Angel or book a glaze with your colourist halfway between your regular colour appointments. These keep the shine and condition of the blondes in perfect shape.


Shiny, Shiny. Sh, Sh, Sh Shiny

Shinier hair reflects more light for a brighter finish. Lightweight, strengthening oils like KEVIN MURPHY Young Again or a shine spray like Redken Shine Flash 02 are great options for adding light weight gloss to your strands.

Blonde Hair Care

Feature image of hairdresser washing woman’s hair in salon courtesy of Shutterstock. 

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