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HerCanberra Interiors Series: A little girl’s nursery

Sarah Nolen

As we continue our interiors series we’ve dedicated an entire article to a single room- simply because it’s amazing! It’s a room that’s been decorated for one of the littlest of us by her doting Mum, Shah – a nursery which is a little haven for the tiny princess Helaina. I met with Shah, the room’s creator, to find out more about her ”living’ masterpiece.


While she was pregnant, Shah and her partner Mitch had no intention whatsoever of decorating the nursery – they thought there’s no point as the baby wouldn’t know the difference. But things changed as soon as Helaina entered the world – how could such a precious little girl not get spoilt with a precious bedroom to match? Shah then began the process of creating a room for both baby and Mum to enjoy.


Pinterest is where the creative juices started flowing – with the ability to create different boards filled with products and styling ideas, this online scrapbook was a brilliant place to start. Initially Shah wanted to steer clear of the ‘pink is for girls,’ cliché, but as fate would have it she soon after stumbled upon The Wall Sticker Company and fell in love with a pink and white wall sticker. The rest of the room would soon follow suit in order to create a contemporary nursery that was elegant and cosy. And did I mention that she won the room of the month from The Wall Sticker Company – they too loved her style.

cotShah’s partner Mitch happens to be a builder and was a great help when it came to bringing the design to life. Together they installed the wall sticker, hung the jolly jumper and attached floating wall shelves.  The toughest part of the job for Shah was perfecting the vignettes on the floating shelves. (A vignette is a fancy word for a group of items purposefully arranged for display on top of a surface). Being the perfectionist that she is, the arrangement of these precious and meaningful items took some time.


Being a stay at home Mum without a driver’s license, Shah was able to source everything online. The beauty of this is that you only have to click a button and the items will be delivered to your doorstep.


Want to get the look? Here is a list of items that you too can purchase: Paper butterfly mobile – Pottery Barn Kids $50; Pink + White wall sticker – The Wall Sticker Company by Habitat baby- $199 for 130cm x 250xm sheet; Silver curtain sheers – Freedom $100; Floating shelves – Bunnings $85; Jungle Safari wall decal– Ebay $32; Vogue chest of drawers – Fantastic Furniture $300; Vintage ride on pedal car – Hip kids $269; Helaina in Wonderland print 60cm x 120cm (seen above) – One of Shah’s favourite items, a custom made graphic made by Helaina’s Godfather. 

Shah loved every minute of the process – even when she had to battle with creative blocks and frustration at things not going to plan. It has fanned a flame in her and she will now continue to create nurseries for other Mum’s as a little side venture. You can follow her upcoming work via her blog 

Between being a new mum and researching design ideas, the whole project was completed when Helaina was six months old. A couple of months down the track and this room still looks like it was finished yesterday. I have no doubt that the whole family will be able to enjoy this space over the coming years as Helaina grows up.

Sarah Nolen

Growing up in Canberra, interior designer with BIRDBLACK Design, Sarah enjoys nothing more than having people put their trust in her to transform their homes from drab cluttered boxes into beautiful masterpieces. She is a true believer in what you get is what you pay for. Constantly on the lookout for new trends and innovations she could never get bored with what she does. Find her at More about the Author

  • Katrina

    This is just beautiful! Wow!

    • Thank you 🙂

  • Uncle Robert

    Ma Shah ..U have well… Keep up the good work.. Lol!!!
    When I visit U next time.. I will see it for myself…
    Well done.

  • Aunty Mitzi

    Hi Shah, Helaina’s room is very tastefully decorated and pleasing to the eye. The simple pink, green and white colour combination looks rather effective and the little monkies on the tree branches look very cute. Well done, dear niece. Helaina is a very lucky girl!

  • I think the little monkeys are are very appropriate for my little monkey 🙂

  • I have never ever seen such a Stunning Nursery before, so glad that you are going to be using your creative juices for many other lucky children! With your style and taste they will have rooms that the will want to stay in forever – only wished I had need for a Kids Space to be decorated xx

  • Sam

    Absolutely love love this nursery… Great job 🙂

    • Thanks Sam 🙂

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