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Home Stories: Andrea Hutchinson

Ashley Feraude

Standing in the doorway of her home in Braddon, Andrea Hutchinson put her hand on her hips.

In her Swiss accent, she apologised; “Ash, we may have to do this all again another time, because the home is not really set up, sorry.”

You would be surprised of how often I hear this from the subjects I cover in this series. In response, I always reassure them that you, the reader, are more interested in the realness of a home, rather than an overly contrived set-up. We relate to the fact that life is not perfect and we feel a little privileged that someone is willing to open themselves up to us. Am I right? Well, I hope so, because that is exactly what I say in response (…and I really hope I’m not just lying).


I’ve known Andrea since I started working with FASHFEST five years ago—first as a musician and then as the music director. Her husband Clint introduced us, but we’ve never had a chance to really catch up properly because most of the time he would cut off our pleasantries with ‘Ash I need you to do one more thing for me’. So, this was my chance.

As the founder and director of HAUS Models, it’s not surprising that Andrea was once a model herself. But, did you know that Andrea studied also linguistics and psychology at university in Switzerland? This was all before meeting Clint in Canberra, where she was visiting for a quick holiday. He cut her holiday pleasantries with a bout of romance and now Andrea is here amongst us in Canberra with two gorgeous children, in a gorgeous house.


Speaking of gorgeous, when we walked in I started pointing out all the designer pieces and naming them like some kind of gifted three-year-old kid seeking attention. “Wow Walter Knoll recliner! Eames lounge! Featherston lounge! AJ table lamps!’ At that point, our photographer Victor’s inner kid also kicked in and, in his own plight for attention, he yelled out ‘fuzzy carpet!”. Next thing you know, he is on the floor rubbing his hands seductively though the shag. Awkward moment for all …but he was right, that carpet was magic, so of course I joined in. I’m surprised Andrea didn’t set the hose on us.


The great thing about Andrea’s home is that you could take all those designer pieces, stick them in a modern apartment and you’d have a stylised catalogue shoot. But the same pieces surrounded by an older home with retro doors, windows and finishes provided a contrast that was surprisingly complementary and not jarring. The old met the new and a magical friendship happened that made the entire place feel so homely.



You can see the stained-glass door in one of the pics, which Andrea is not a fan of …yet somehow it just works against the monotones of the designer pieces and complements the colours of the artworks by Canberra stars like Jess Cochrane and Luke Chiswell.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this insight into Andrea’s life, because I did. Do you feel privileged to have seen such glimpses into this perfectly imperfect abode? I do, and I tell no lie.


























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Photos by Victor Tawagi


Ashley Feraude

Ashley Feraude is a creative consultant, music producer and man-about-town. Under his Sound Technique agency, he provides award-winning consultancy services ranging from branding design, creative content development and event music direction for events and hospitality venues. Under the alias Magnifik, he produces award-winning original music filled with electronic soul and performs melodic DJ sets at numerous night spots, events and festivals. And if that wasn’t enough, Ashley is also the author of this insightful interior design editorial series. So is he suffering from split personality disorder and has an obsession over pointy awards? Not really...he just loves design, music and getting an insight into people’s personalities. Plus he likes being really busy. More about the Author

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