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Home Stories: Loulou Moxom

Ashley Feraude and Cass Atkinson

This is going to be the last of my ‘Canberrans who do country living’ trilogy.

Why? Well, quite frankly, the petrol bills are stacking up and Cass and I have had way too much time in the car together. This became quite evident on the way to Loulou Moxom’s house in Yass, when we got lost in a story about that time a skinhead grabbed my singer’s microphone at a birthday gig and yelled bring “bring the effin’ noise mofos!” so loudly into the mic that he blew all the speakers.

I’ll finish that story if you and I are ever trapped in a car together.

When we arrived in Yass, Loulou welcomed us with open arms and big smiles at the front gate of her 100-year-old cottage. You may know Loulou as one half of Moxom & Whitney, a bold and freestyle florist on Lonsdale Street in Braddon. And if you’ve ever bought flowers from her distinctive shop, you would probably also remember Loulou’s uninhibited singing.

As we walked through a garden arbour to pull up a chair on the front porch it was clear we were in provincial styling heaven. Before we even stepped inside, we could see there was plenty of similarity between Loulou’s home styling and her floral storefront. Think raw, rich, vintage and compact with plenty of greenery scattered around.

Loulou is larger than life, very honest and warm in her approach, and has absolutely no filter (until some self-control kicks in). And to prove that point, for most of the things we talked about, Loulou finished with “okay, but you really can’t put that in the article”. Which is a pity, because the one about her slipping tradies a carton through the fence in return for saving a classic light fitting from the dumpster was just gold.

Considering her unapologetically-outgoing character, it was interesting to discover that her home is contrastingly subdued, calm and collected. Loulou explained that for a long time she was obsessed with the expressive nature of strong colours, but came to realise that a palette of soft grey, white and greens calmed and grounded her. The subdued colour scheme is given depth by numerous vignettes of art, salvaged vintage pieces and classic home décor. Her home is the balance to her expressive heart—and as the saying goes, home is where the heart is.

Finding this specific home in Yass was not easy. Loulou and her husband Dale had to go through a long process to acquire it and renovate it. They still have a lot to do, including finishing the ‘Ladies Lounge’ up the back, adding an additional bathroom and getting that dead bug out of the bedroom ceiling pendant. Despite the work involved, they knew this place was always going to be worth it.

Loulou loves the physical aesthetic of Yass and the characters in the local community. She talks with pride about the home’s historic elements, like the ornate ceiling moulding, original stained kitchen windows and classic railway tracks scattered in the garden.

She genuinely lives the hippie ideal, all the while remaining a devoted Canberran, saying she could not go without the social and professional stimulation our evolving city is providing. The fusion of our city and this country town lets her have her cake and eat it too. A place to use all the energy to create, and a place to recharge in peace.

I wondered how many people live in Yass, but work in Canberra. Loulou estimates it’s around 3,000, which she guessed to be about 10 per cent of the population of Yass. But she did say to fact-check it on the way home.

On our drive back, Cass and I spied a family of six on the side of the road doing their best ‘Yaaaaass Queen’ at the Yass town sign, complete with dad almost splitting his pants trying to take the perfect Instagram picture.

In between our pointing and laughing, Cass spotted that the actual population of Yass is 6,600 which is a bit less than the number Loulou quoted. The truth is that she wasn’t exaggerating—it’s just that she makes up for the rest of the population with her personality.











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Photography by Cass Atkinson


Ashley Feraude

Ashley Feraude is a creative consultant, music producer and man-about-town. Under his Sound Technique agency, he provides award-winning consultancy services ranging from branding design, creative content development and event music direction for events and hospitality venues. Under the alias Magnifik, he produces award-winning original music filled with electronic soul and performs melodic DJ sets at numerous night spots, events and festivals. And if that wasn’t enough, Ashley is also the author of this insightful interior design editorial series. So is he suffering from split personality disorder and has an obsession over pointy awards? Not really...he just loves design, music and getting an insight into people’s personalities. Plus he likes being really busy. More about the Author


Cass Atkinson

Cass Atkinson is a photographer who loves shooting weddings & families when she's not shooting interiors & architecture. She’s equal parts homebody and adventurer who loves curling up with a book as much as a trip to somewhere new. She values authenticity, cheeky humour, unexpected details, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and the jam doughnut addiction runs deep. She’s a born & raised Canberra native and her hobbies include collecting vintage cameras & being sassed by her threenager. More about the Author

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