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Home Style on a Budget: the pieces and prices from Canberra Outlet Centre competition revealed!

Sarah Nolen

So it seems the majority of you loved if not all of the setting at least some of the elements in the Canberra Outlet Centre Loungeroom suite giveaway. The competition ended at midnight on Sunday 3 August and the winner will be announced  today. But for the hundreds of you that weren’t able to score this prize for yourself, we’re going to reveal where you can buy the products and their price tags.

The whole purpose of this competition was to show people how you can transform your living space into something quite spectacular on a budget. Now you’ll need to refer to my previous article that by ‘budget,’ I mean a specific dollar amount. If you are truly ‘on a budget’ then realistically you’re not going to be going out and buying new furniture are you? But for those looking to update their décor but aren’t willing to spend $10,000 on the lounge alone, this is for you!

Here’s where to shop the look:



Lounge: Copenhagen Sofa 3 seater in Teal $1299 from Freedom
Armchair: Astrid Dexter in Lemongrass $269 from Freedom
Ottoman: Astrid Dexter in Lemongrass $149 from Freedom
Frida Kahlo Ottoman: Digital canvas print ottoman(bright yellow) $90 from Early Settler
Coffee Table: Hyde round coffee table $699 from Bay Leather Republic
Sideboard: Lilli console large 200 x 40 x 75cm $3855 from Jimmy Possum

Total for Furniture: $6361



Santona knitted throw in Super Lemon 125x 150 cm ($69.95), Santona Cushion in Mandarin ($41.95), Santona Cushion in Stone ($41.95), Andre knit Cushion in Canary ($48.95), and Santa Fe Cushion in Stone ($41.95), all from Adairs.

Kulani Black Cushion square ($149) and Halawa Black Cushion rectangle $99 from Jimmy Possum.

Total for pillows: $492.75



Curious Aqua Owl ornament $13.95 from Adairs
Zen timber tray 38 x 38cm ($165), Aqua Espresso cup and latte cup saucers ($50), and Manor medium bowl candle ($149), all from Jimmy Possum
Ceramic yellow glazed vase $160 from Jingdezhen Ceramic
Glass cloche and imitation pears $64.80 from Provincial Living
Eccentric floor lamp in Teal ($329) and Madras Rug 180 x 270cm in Natural ($217), both from Freedom

Total for Accessories: $1148.75


Audrey Hepburn print 80 x 120cm $89 from Early Settler

Total for Artwork: $89



Bose soundlink mini $249 from JB HI-FI

Total for Audio: $249

Total cost for the suite is: $8,340.50

So there you have it, our total selections come under the 10k mark. As you can see there is one major key piece  – the sideboard from Jimmy Possom at $3855 – which was also one of your favourites.

The way I tend to style is by selecting a key feature item or something that you absolutely love and can’t live without despite its price. Once you have this then you can pare back and select inexpensive items to complement it. In saying that, there are no rules to say you have to spend nearly $4000 on a sideboard, you could pick one up for $500. But….this sideboard is divine and there was no way that either my design assistant aka Mum or I could walk past it. Its shape and homage to 1970’s design create a beauty and quality that is not easy to pass up.

My tip to you is have a shopping list in hand before you venture out so that you don’t get distracted and end up coming home with everything including the kitchen sink. And when you find that signature piece, buy it! Everything else can work around it.

Sarah Nolen

Growing up in Canberra, interior designer with BIRDBLACK Design, Sarah enjoys nothing more than having people put their trust in her to transform their homes from drab cluttered boxes into beautiful masterpieces. She is a true believer in what you get is what you pay for. Constantly on the lookout for new trends and innovations she could never get bored with what she does. Find her at More about the Author

  • Sarah

    Can someone confirm what the winning guess was? Did someone guess it correctly? My guess was only $30 off – I’m so bummed as it is a great room!

    • Sarah

      For everyone wondering I’ve just been informed that the winner’s guess was spot on to the dollar. Good work though for getting so close.

      Sarah- Birdblack Design

  • Sarah j

    I’m also keen to find out as I went around a got all the prices!!

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