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How to be Insta-famous with Margaret Zhang

Hayley O'Neill

‘Insta-famous’. In just a few short years, Instagram has created a whole new breed of celebrity.

People who aren’t renowned for their work on the silver screen or in magazines, but for the images they create on this wildly popular social medium.

A master of multitasking, 22 year old Margaret Zhang is an accomplished writer, photographer, stylist, social media expert and commerce/law student. From a young age, Margaret created her personal brand by capturing beautiful imagery the world has fallen in love with.

With an impressive 427,000 followers on Instagram and each photo she posts receiving an average of 9,000 likes, Margaret knows how to produce content that keeps her followers engaged. And next month, she’ll share her expert picture-taking tips at the Canberra Centre with an Instagram Workshop.

We caught up with Margaret to find out what to expect ahead of the workshop.

HC: What can people expect to learn at your Canberra Centre workshop?

Margaret: I’ll be sharing a few of my best tips for shooting quality images with whatever resources you have at any given point in time. We don’t all have to be in the Maldives for beautiful imagery!

When you were first starting out, did you ever think you would get so many followers?

It was never supposed to be a commercial venture, so of course it’s still pretty amazing that this many people are interested in what I do and what I see!


Why do you think your posts are so popular? 

I just try to keep it real. I just capture what I’m working on, what I’m wearing, where I am in the world in a well-composed, well-lit way. I don’t take myself too seriously, and have a little fun. I also love food, which can’t really go wrong!

For those just starting an Instagram account, do you have any tips on how to build up followers? For those who are unsure of starting one, what are the benefits? 

I don’t think the focus should be about building the numbers – it should be about creating beautiful content, and the viewers will come later. Instagram is a great way of capturing beauty in everyday moments.


You post a lot of food pictures on your Instagram account, how do you manage to maintain a healthy weight?

While it may surprise you, I don’t personally consume every piece of food that shows up on Instagram. Sometimes, I’m not eating by myself in a corner, and I have cute food dates with other people, who also eat, rather than watching me devour multiple meals in one sitting.

What apps do you use for your Instagram photos?

My favourites are Luminance and Snapseed.

Anything else exciting coming up for you this year? 

It has been great working with Clinique as one of your new faces. I’m also shooting and styling a lot while I finish up Law school.

The essentials

What: Instagram Workshop with guru Margaret Zhang
When: Saturday 6 June, 2.30-4pm
Where: Canberra Centre, between Country Road and Jigsaw on Level 1
How much: $50 per person, includes a complimentary $50 Canberra Centre Gift Card and a style bag to take home.
Bookings essential, visit Customer Service on Level 1


Hayley O'Neill

Hayley O’Neill is a Canberra based fashion stylist and fashion editor for HerCanberra. Hayley works as a freelance stylist at Westfield Belconnen and Woden and began her career styling for The Work Diaries blog. Hayley has lots of experience dressing real people with every size, age, budget and body shape. More about the Author

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