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Eleanor Pendleton: Gritty Pretty

Laura Peppas

If anyone knows the beauty world’s industry secrets, it’s Eleanor Pendleton.

The editor of online beauty destination Gritty Pretty and former beauty editor of InStyle Magazine has been an industry trailblazer for some time, and never fails to look glamorous even when hanging out at home wearing a hair towel and robe (just scroll through her Instagram for the proof.)

On Saturday, 14 May Eleanor will hold a Beauty Masterclass at Canberra Centre, where she will answer some of the most common beauty questions and reveal her favourite makeup and skin tricks, including contouring, highlighting and using winged eyeliner.

Ahead of her visit, we caught up with Eleanor to chat about everything from finding ‘me time’ in a hectic schedule, her must-have products and beauty tips for the cooler months ahead.


Gritty Pretty has quickly become a beauty destination for so many women – why did you initially decide to launch it?

I originally created Gritty Pretty at a time when I was working as a beauty editor for a popular Australian women’s lifestyle magazine. Despite writing eight pages of beauty every week, I still wasn’t satisfying my need to share more beauty knowledge and information with women. This was also a time when beauty blogs – written and curated by beauty editors and beauty journalists – didn’t exist yet. So, I set about designing Gritty Pretty, the brand it would be and the content it would offer. In December 2014, after having just relaunched the new-look website, I decided to launch Gritty Pretty Magazine – a quarterly online beauty magazine, which was and still is Australia’s first and online digital publication dedicated solely to beauty. I didn’t see anything else in the market so set about creating the first. At Gritty Pretty, we write, shoot and design everything in-house and have featured cover stars including Lara Worthington, Jessica Hart and Phoebe Tonkin. We now proudly call over 300,000 readers per issue and are constantly listening to and connecting with our incredible audience.

What beauty products are always in your handbag?

SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence, Lanolips 101 Ointment, Glossier Stretch Concealer and Estée Lauder x Kendall Jenner Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick.

Do you have a few essential beauty tips for the cooler, drier months we have coming up in Autumn/Winter?

Embrace oils. Contrary to old wives’ tales, not all oils make skin oilier. Instead, some oils are excellent at rehydrating and balancing out the complexion. During the cooler months, I apply a face oil (SK-II Facial Treatment Oil or an organic rosehip oil) at night instead of a moisturiser. Coconut oil also works brilliantly as a moisturiser, eye makeup remover or split-end treatment.

Eleanor 123

Image: Instagram

What is the best piece of beauty advice you’ve received?

Gore Vidal once said, “Style is about knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” Oh, and wear sunscreen!

What’s a (typical) day in your life usually like?

There’s no such thing. Every single day is different, which is what I love most about my job. Usually, my diary is jam-packed as I usually attend around 10-15 meetings, events and appointments every week. I start most days with yoga then coffee before setting off on a day of interviews, meetings, shoots, writing, sourcing and negotiating. I also receive around 200 – 250 emails a day so spend any free time I have reading and responding to those.

Do you find much leisure time? What do you do to look after yourself?

If I write it into my diary, I do [laughs]. Because my job can be demanding, I have to make “me time”. I do this by booking in for yoga and reformer pilates classes and literally scheduling them into my diary. If I do this, I work my other appointments around those sessions and I commit to them. I’m a big believer in balance – across all aspects of life – so spending time with my fiancé, my family, friends and myself is a lifestyle.

What is some of the most memorable feedback you’ve received from your Gritty Pretty readers?

I once received a reader letter from a woman who worked in the mental health industry with young people who struggle from anxiety and depression. She told my team and I that when she needs time to refresh and restore, she logs onto Gritty Pretty and it would instantly lighten what could be a dark day. She thanked us for the stories we publish and for allowing her to view beauty in a holistic way. That really sat with me. It reminded me that every single one of those 300,000 readers is a special person and if we can somehow entertain or enlighten them, well, we’re doing something that serves a bigger purpose.

Are there any big plans ahead?

Yes, MASSIVE! But, all good things and worth waiting for so you’ll have to be patient and see…

the essentials

What: Beauty Master Class with Eleanor Pendleton
When: Saturday 14 May, 12pm – 1pm
Where: Canberra Centre, Level 1, near Country Road
How much: $54.50 (includes booking fee), redeemable for a $50 Canberra Centre Gift Card, provided on arrival at the event.



Laura Peppas

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