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No Teasing, it’s Big Hair in a Flash!

Lesley Johnston

We all love big voluminous hair! It’s youthful, fashionable and just down right gorgeous. I’ve known many ladies that will spend all morning back combing and teasing their hair to get the volume they desire, but today I want to show you that having big hair doesn’t need to be hard work! So put down that comb and pick up a bottle of volumising Styling Powder! Amanda is modelling a before and after below…


If you have never heard about this product before, I’m about to change your world! They are very simple to use: you apply it to dry hair, massage it in and you will instantly feel your hair thicken and volumise. It’s that easy!  And if you feel your hair go flat throughout the day, just rub your fingers upwards in your hair and it becomes volumised again. This means all day volume! Then at the end of the day, it easily washes out when you wash your hair leaving no damage or stress to your beautiful locks.


Although the bottle may seem small, it doesn’t take much to get amazing results! RRP: $8.99 – available from Priceline

So, what is the difference between a volumising powder and a dry shampoo? Well a dry shampoo is designed to absorb oil to give your hair a new clean fresh feeling, and a volumising powder is solely to give your hair some va-va-voom lift!


The powder is like fine granules and feels kind of sticky if you rub it between your fingers


The Bumble & Bumble range of dry shampoos are also volumising powders that are coloured!! So not only do you get clean and volumised hair but if you have any greys they will cover them up in a jiffy! Available at Mecca Cosmetica in the Canberra Centre for $54.

It really is effective so if you want instant volume, perfect texture and that ‘freshly styled’ look all day, then give this miracle product a go!

Lesley Johnston

Predominantly involved in fashion and dipping into freelance television and celebrity event make-up, Lesley has been working with make-up since 2006. For Lesley, it’s not just the creativity of make-up art, but the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people that keeps it interesting. Visit www.lesleyjmakeup.com to see her amazing work and follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LesleyJMakeup for the latest news. More about the Author

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