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Ashleigh Went

We all begin the year with the best of intentions—sending the kids to school with brand new stationery and schoolbooks, and keeping our own desks clear and clutter-free.

Until, that is, we get back into the swing of things. Without a little effort, things can quickly get out of hand and that organisation that we had so under control gives way to chaos.

Don’t fret—all is not lost. With a little willpower (and of course, some new stationery) it’s easy to get back on track and feel in control.

Little Miss Neat

Plain traditional notebooks, pens and bags might get the job done, but if your child isn’t interested in using them, it’s a waste of time and money.

Smiggle are our go-to for kids stationery, and this kit is packed with glitter, sequins, fur and sparkles, making everything visually and texturally interesting.

These picks are more likely to make show-and-tell than the bottom of the school bag. Amongst the practical pieces like notebooks, highlighters, pens and pencils, you’ll find some fun and frivolous things like this cute mini BFF scrapbook, slapband and—of course—gem stickers to get crafty.

Who knew school days could be so exciting?

Smiggle backpack, $30
Smiggle Mermaid tail jotter, $16.95
Smiggle ice cream highlighter, $9.95
Smiggle slapband, $8.95
Smiggle sparkle pencil case, $24.95
Smiggle colour change scented pencils, $8
Smiggle BFF mini scrapbook, $14.95
Smiggle gem stickers, $3.95
Smiggle pen, $5.95 

Tidy Teen


This mint, pale pink and purple would please any teen—and with everything from to-do lists to sticky notes to a planner, it’s pretty and practical.

This Typo donut laptop case keeps tech safe and snug, and there are plenty of KaiserCraft notebooks for every subject on their timetable.

Juggling homework can be a tricky task for teens, but this planner has plenty of space for them to create a schedule and mark important due dates. The three-pack notepad gives them plenty of space to create to-do lists, from assignments to extra-curricular activities, and even chores at home. The sticky notes are perfect for study time: marking sections to revise, quotes for essays or reminders to follow-up.

Typo Laptop case, $19.99
Typo Notepad Set, $10
Kaiser Craft gel pens, $12.99
Kaiser Craft adhesive notes, $4
Typo novelty pen, $6.99
Sparkle pen, $7.99
Kaiser Craft notebooks, $3 each
Smiggle stapler, $8.95
Typo weekly palnner, $12.99
KaiserCraft notebook pad, $7


Girl Boss


Whether you’re a 9-to-5 employee, running a business, studying or planning a home renovation, every woman can use some good-quality stationery to stay organised.

There’s no need to sacrifice style: between Typo, TK Maxx, KaiserCraft and of course, the Homemaker Hub, there are plenty of stylish office destinations at the Canberra Outlet Centre.

We’re loving this laptop case from Typo. In a chic nude hue with just a touch of blush pink, it’s beautiful but also sensible enough to bring to meetings.

This Freedom Furniture wire basket looks just as good in an office cubicle as it does on a bookshelf in the lounge room, and keeps everything neat, organised and in one place. Adairs stocks not only cute accents like this gold pineapple or sand timer, but also beautiful stationery like this velvet notebook or gold pencil case.

Finish your shopping trip up with a trip to TK Maxx for some notebooks and planners and you’re all set to become a productivity powerhouse.

Freedom gold basket, $10.99
Typo laptop case, $29.99
Typo journal, $14.99
Notebook, $5, TK Maxx
Adairs Velvet notebook, $24.99
Adairs Cosmetic bag, $19.99
Adairs sand glass, $16.99
Typo pens $7.99

STYLING Ashleigh Went

PHOTOGRAPHY Ashley St George

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