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PLANTED: The digital nursery

Ashleigh Went

If you’ve cast your eyes over a home magazine, Pinterest, Instagram or the shelves of just about any homewares store in the country, you’ll be aware that greenery is having something of a “moment.”

Never one to shy away from injecting a little innovation into a trend, Renee Douros has launched yet another incredible Canberra-based digital platform.

Following the success of the Sugar Deli, and The Floral Society, Rennee has given plant nurseries the digital treatment with her latest venture, PLANTED, which allows customers to buy stylish indoor plants and have them delivered to their front door.

Renee came up with the idea when customers were repeatedly asking if they could purchase the indoor plants from The Floral Society’s Kingston Flower Bar. Having noticed the trend from prominent interiors stylists like Mr Jason Grant and MIM Design, Renee knew she was on to something.

“The resurgence in popularity of indoor plants can be attributed to two things, in my humble opinion” explains Renee. “They provide your space with an instant update aesthetically speaking and look incredibly chic no matter where you place them; and it’s a scientifically proven fact that indoor plants make people happy by improving air quality, reducing stress and fuelling productivity.”


To order yourself (or a lucky special someone) a stunning indoor plant, you simply hop on to PLANTED’s website, order from their range of indoor potted plants and they’ll be delivered that same day to any destination in Canberra, Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and Googong. The price point ranges from around $30 – $100, with the cost of a stylish pot included for some plants, there’s one for every budget and occasion.

Renee says that just like homewares, different plants come in and out of trend, so the selection will vary accordingly.

“Fiddle leaf figs have really been the darling of the indoor plant world, and for good reason, they’re absolutely gorgeous.”

Other of-the-moment plants include Nephrolepsis Exaltata Marisa (a compact fern with lacy, light great leaflets), Aspidistra Eliator (a hardly little sucker with leathery, dark green leaves), and Cycas Revoluta, or the sago palm.


If (like myself) you love the greenery look but are as about as likely to keep a plant alive as you are to win the Nobel Peace Prize, you needn’t fret.

“People get so intimidated by indoor plants but really, keeping houseplants alive is all about common sense. If you’re unsure of how to care for your PLANTED delivery, visit our website where we give you some information on the species, where they originate from and how they grow in the wild… from there, it’s all about trying to mimic their natural growing environment to the best of your ability.”

Each plant also comes with a special ‘care card’ with instructions on how to keep your plant alive and thriving.

“We also have a PLANT WHISPERER service available via our website to get in contact to ask us anything about your PLANTED delivery.”

Here are some additional tips from Renee on keeping your PLANTED purchase healthy:

1. Where you place your indoor plant is very important (but often ignored) part of keeping your greenery alive

2.Generally, indoor plants that have dark green leaves require less light to stay alive and are able to tolerate shaded spots better. Leaves that are light in colour or patterned usually need more natural light.

3. If your plant needs more light, it’s best to place it in a room that receives a nice amount of natural light throughout the day but remember to NEVER place your plant in direct sunlight, this can cause some nasty burning to the leaves.

4. How much water an plant requires can be specific to the species but generally, most indoor plants require a good watering once or twice a eek during summer, and once every two weeks in winter.

5. If you see the leaves dropping or developing brown tips, it means you’re either over or under watering your plant.

6. A nifty way to check if your plant is thirsty is to pop your finger down into the soil; if the soil is dry then it needs a watering. If it’s still wet, leave it a few more days and then check again.

PLANTED has launched today with a beautiful range including gigantic hanging Marisa Ferns, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Aloe and more. It is open from Monday – Friday with a cut off time of 3pm for same day delivery. To order, visit their website.


Ashleigh Went

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